How would you overhaul WWE?

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  1. Okay we have all read about all the injuries and suspensions plaguing the WWE right now. Many have been saying that it is going to hell but this gives them a opportunity for a overhaul and creating new stars.

    He we can discuss how we personally would overhaul the roster as it looks now. Using the talent that is available to us (No getting guys from TNA to magically transfer and such).

    Main event:
    I'd have Ziggler feud with Swagger, turning Swagger face in the process and pushing Dolph into the Main event. Have Barrett return from his injury (Should be soon). Big Show can feud with Cena until Jericho and Barrett are back and then Cena can go on vacation, Show can then feud with a now returned Rey Mysterio (Ultimate underdog story). Punk and Bryan carry on their feud, Sheamus feud with Wade for the WHC.

    Mid Card:
    Swagger now face becomes top mid card face on RAW, feuding with a foreign heel in McIntyre. Brodus Clay feuds with Sandow, Sandow even getting wins against Brodus. Ryback starts feuding with real opposition. Tyson Kidd and McGillicutty get pushed up to Smackdown and reignite their NXT feud since most TV fans haven't seen it. Ryder teams up with someone other than Santino and becomes a face tag team. Kofi either gets a new partner with Truth handing over the strap or Ace taking it from him and Kofis new partner winning it and partner ship in a BR. Start serious feuds in the tag team division. Also start more serious and noticeable feuds in the mid card. Both about titles and not, bringing more prestige to the titles.

  2. I'll think up a longer storyline later, however my first thought is - HIRE PAUL HEYMAN!
  3. Not a fan of your main event. Dolph deserves to be there, but his feud with Swagger will receive crickets. Have him feud with Swagger in the mid card to elevate him into the main event to hop into the feud between Bryan and Punk. Bryan becomes champion, Dolph screws Punk, Dolph and Punk feud for a couple months automatically putting Ziggler in the ME pretty much.

    I'd have Cena bury Big Show and a returning Wade Barrett destroy Cena after. Cena's out for two months. Barrett is aligned with heel Ace/Vince as their corporate champion. If anyone on the roster can do that roll, it's Barrett.

    As for the mid card, I'd have Ryback interrupt a BIg Show promo, Ryback and Big Show feud for a month or two, Ryback wins by destroying Big Show which sends him into retirement. Ryback is now super over, by this time Sandow would have a reign as IC champion by beating Christian (who moves back into SmackDowns sub main event) and Sandow then feuds with Ryback.
  4. PUSH ALEX RILEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Okay that storyline that I posted a while for the main event. HHH/Vince/Barrett/someone else vs Punk and Heyman. The promos would be some of the best ever.

    Brock wins the title of Punk at the PPV after Summerlsam and then gets into a fued with Daniel Bryan lasting a few months, culminating in Bryan winning the title at Wrestlemania 29 after a fued lasting a fued months with Bryan getting his Wrestlemania moment.

    Dolph Ziggler beats Jack Swagger in a midcard fued, before going into a main event fued with Orton who's getting punished, and beating him. This then leads to a match with Sheamus at a PPV which he wins, winning the title. He holds it for months eventually defending it a 'Mania against Heel Orton, Rhodes and Christian.
  6. General questions like this are always tough, but I'll give it a try:

    I'd start by having that Ziggler/Swagger feud with Swagger turning face and Ziggler going to the main event. He gets involved in the Punk/Bryan feud, which culminates in an awesome triple threat match with Bryan winning and Punk and Ziggler feud for a while. Bryan goes on to feud with Lesnar. Tensai wins the US title from Santino and feuds with Swagger in a US vs Japan type of feud. Big Show punches Cena out for a few months and Ryback goes over Show later on, getting super over. Christian loses the IC title to Sandow who feuds with Clay and Christian moves to the main event, while still feuding with Cody. They get involved with Sheamus and we have a triple threat. Either Cody or Christian win the title. On the tag division, Kofi is stripped of the titles by Ace and we have him and a partner of his choice against Epico & Primo, the Usos, O'Neil & Young, Gabriel & Kidd and Hawkins & Reks in a tag team turmoil match. Don't know who his partner could be, but they lose anyway. In the divas division, Kharma, Beth & Natalya are involved in the main feud.

    All the ideas thrown there. A little bit messy.
  7. Have Dolph become number one contender for the intercontiental title. Then have his title match on a smackdown, and during the match Swagger interferes. This will take place a couple of weeks before the next PPV. Swagger will complain he deserves a shot, not Dolph since he's been losing a lot. The GM comes out, says something like, "Yes you're right you deserve a chance, so at the next PPV you get you'll get your a triple threat match!" Then Dolph comes out and fights Ziggler and loses once more, At the PPV though, Dolph wins the title by pinning Swagger, and Swagger gets injuried and their feud ends.
  8. So awesome, pretty much identical to mine. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I'd mark hard for a show like that though. Lesnar/Bryan, Punk vs Ziggler, Ryback burying Show, tag-teams :yay:
  9. The triple thread feud I stole from you, the rest I had already thought about before. :dawg:
  10. I'm just a wrestling fan, not a miracle worker.
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