How Would You Rate GTA V's Story Mode.

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    As The Title States. I've recently started getting back into the story and I would say it's a 8/10-ish at the moment.
    How would you rate it? ​

  2. I still haven't played it. :downer:

    I'm always late with everything.
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  3. Interesting. I actually liked it. All of Trevor's dialogue>>>>>>Gohan's.

    I liked the three main characters, the heists, the landscape and how you got a great view while traveling to it from the desert when Trevor goes to it. Love how you get three different environments with each character. One from urban, another from the rich hills and another from trailer park trash lol. It wasn't as long as like other GTA games, but the storyline was still a decent length, longer than some of the games I've played.

    I rate it a 8/10. Not perfect, but still very enjoyable and worth the 60 bucks for that alone in my opinion.
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  4. Haven't bought it yet
  5. I liked it, but it was pretty short and it got real repetitive with the Michael/Trevor trade offs. Plus, two of the choices ended kinda lackluster in my opinion; they could've at least gave us some more options when it came to the ending choices.
    Overall I give it a 7.6/10.
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  6. Very precise Titty Master.
  7. Average, it's pretty underwhelming and wasn't long enough. 4 was better.
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  8. 8/10, loved the interactions and the characters. My only gripes were the redundant ending choices I mean really, of the 3, 2 of them are just pointless and it was a little short.
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  9. I don't get what's wrong with the choices. The two are just to make you feel like shit, and the third a bit badass by killing all those shitheads who were scumbags to you since you met them. Much better than their original plans, all endings killing characters and none being able to have all three.
  10. It's because the one you actually pick aka choice three aka the one where no one dies. Is so obviously the best choice that the other two just seem like a waste of space.
  11. Not everybody likes Trevor or Micheal tho.
  12. I guess, but I hate the other guys alot more xD! Not once did I actually think about killing either of them though, I just was fed up of being bitched around by the FBI. Also from a gameplay standpoint killing either Michael or Trevor means you can't 100% the game.
  13. FIB were just scumbags. Wish you could have played as Lamar though, or at least put him in the final heist.
  15. This brings up a good idea however, Seeing as most players have finished the story they should being out some DLC missions.

    Such as doing heists with your contract- list in the phone.

    People like Lamar, Jimmy, (J-Dog Ftw) Mary Ann, Etc should all be playable in the DLC missions.
  16. 4 was terrible lol.

    5 wasn't much better, but it was better.
  17. Finally someone who thinks GTA IV story was awful!
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