How would you rate WWE as a whole, post WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by marzz, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. For me, as a semi-serious WWE fan, I've been pretty disappointed with a lot of the garbage put out by the WWE post WM and mostly since Raw went to the 3 hour format.

    Here's my reasons why :
    I'll continue to watch, but I am constantly asking myself why I still tune in to Raw and SD every week, when nothing changes..

    1) DZ needs a belt .. now. He cuts wicked promos, he knows how to wrestle, he's great on the mic and he interacts well with the others.
    More over, he sells the moves well, and it seems the WWE is trading him the MITB in return for putting everyone else over. The new 'feud' with Cena is ok I guess, but it's not giving him a shot at the belt. He's hot right now so run with it.

    2) ADR is going nowhere. The rivalry with Sheamus was bad. ADR can wrestle, but he lacks chemistry with most the roster, and combined with Sheamus' lack of skill on the mic, it made for a piss weak couple of PPV which I ended up fast forwarding. Ricky Ricardo tried to get some spice in to the whole thing, but it was lousy and it died a painful death.

    3) HHH trying to push Sheamus in SD sucks. The big happy Irish man isn't bad in the ring as a brawler and tough guy, but that's about it. Sheamus still isn't the SD poster boy and even with HHH's backing, he can't get it over Orton. He needs a new angle, and even a heel turn, but truth be told, it's going to be impossible to remove Randy from being the main man on SD. Even being away for 60 days, RKO was still more over with the crowd than Sheamus was - and Sheamus was the champion - go figure.

    4) Over saturation leads to burn out. Ryback is big and menacing, but that's it. He can't wrestle more than squash matches, he doesn't speak, and he's still a green horn, yet Vince sees one little spark in him, coupled with Cena getting him over, and now he's the great white hope part II.
    His promos are poor , and like AJ, in small amounts they are relatively entertaining, but the constant "feed me more" is going to become like AJ and he 'crazy, unstable' persona - too much, too soon, and the crowd will tire from it real soon.

    There's a few more things too which I will elaborate on, but yeah, I'm keen to here what you guys think :emoji_slight_smile:

    This isn't meant to ignite some furious shit slinging match either, just curious to see what you other guys think of the general direction of the whole WWE etc...
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  2. I agree with pretty much everything you just said. Great post.
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