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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. I'm not really being offensive or cold and I hope this never happens.

    What if you just went to Wrestlezone or any other NEWS site and saw this title:

    "WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes found dead in hotel suite."

    How would you react? What would your first instinct on this be? What would you do first? Would you drop a tear for him? Explain.

    (Don't ask me why I picked him, he's just an example)

    I would personally be very sad, I would be pissed off because it doesn't matter if I don't know him, he's a human being and people like him doesn't deserve to die. I don't know how my reaction would be, I would instantly share it around WWE fan forums and then react over it.

    It's kinda hard to explain too as I would obviously be sad.
  2. Anyone that die would be sad to have a guy passed away. But it would Suck if Cody die right now b/c he got a good future ahead of him.
  3. I know but lets just discuss Cody in this case.
  4. I can't imagine things like that happening. Just can't. It kinda freaks me out. But if somethin' like that'd happen, it'd be goddamn horrible.
  5. I hate hearing about people passing away, especially if they worked in the wrestling industry. It is truly heart breaking when you spend so much time with people all year round and then to find out they passed away. It makes you really reminisce the memories with them and feel grateful that you still can live and enjoy this world with the people you know.
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  6. Sad, naturally.
  7. What the fuck? What a strange guy you are Zamo
  8. Even if it said that Khali passed away, it'd make me sad. Although it's also close to joy, in a sadistic way. Hm.
  9. How am I strange you stupid piece of shit? I wasn't being offensive, I stated that this was just a thought and nothing negative was meant nor did I hope that this should happen.

    The fuck is wrong with you? I knew this was coming, It is a normal thread just like the others.
  10. lmao :brodus:

    thanks for the insults, they mean a lot coming from you. Who sits around and thinks 'I'm going to make a thread asking people what they would think about Cody Rhodes dying' ?
  11. Stop flaming, it is a pretty weird thread to be fair Zamo lol.
  12. It's not an average thread but I doubt he meant any thing negative by it. It's just extreme speculation.
  13. I'm not exactly one to beat around the bush. If I meant to insult you Zamo I'm pretty sure you would know it and it would have been more direct.
  14. I would be depressed if it was Cody. I want to be able to compete with him one day and if he passed away it would suck like how CM Punk was suppose to face Chris Benoit at Vengeance
  15. Go on and insult me then we can do this again who the hell cares about what you can do, doesn't tickle me for one bit.

    I can post whatever I want as long as it isn't breaking the rules or in any way negative and as seabs said this is just a speculation and if Cody Rhodes is your father just tell me so I can edit his name out.
  16. I'm pretty sure you could easily be banned for flaming for calling me a piece of shit, but nobody cares enough to take you seriously
  17. I received a warning for that, so yes somebody has to care when it comes to me.

    So shut your mouth.
  18. Guys leave it. Dolph stop antagonizing him and Zamo just chill out please.
  19. He started this. I explained everything in the first post that I didn't want this to end in a negative way and nor did I mean anything offensive to anyone but still this goofhead had to post and start this discussion leading into a warning for me.

    Shit decisions you make Crayo. Everyone flames around here and yet I'm the one who gets punished.
  20. Apologies in advance for taking this off topic but if you avoid being provoked no one will do it after a while. People antagonise you as they know they'll get a response. If you ignore them you'll find they'll stop pretty quickly.
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