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Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, May 16, 2013.

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  1. How would you react if they finally, actually.. turned John Cena heel?
    If they did go about it, when & how do you think it would happen?
  2. It would be once in a lifetime to see John Cena turn heel.
  3. At first I would be excited, anticipating for a new, edgier era of the WWE.

    But soon the hype would die down and I would realise he is no exciting as a heel than he previously was as a face.
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  4. I think it won't happen but if it happens I'd smile because I miss the Doctor of Thuganomics character to be honest and maybe turning him heel is the returning of the Doctor of Thuganomics but who knows...
  5. I'd probably care for the night it happened, have hope for a few Raws and then stop watching WWE again like I usually do.
  6. That gimmick isn't going to generate heat at this point. His heel character, when it eventually comes, will need to be a fresh gimmick, hopefully aimed at shitting on the kids who were once his fans.
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  7. It's just one of those things that we don't know how we'll react until it happens. Knowing us we'll probably just bitch about it like we did the new title.
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  8. Yeah, it's true but that's what all heels do, shit on their before fans, so wouldn't be too fresh imo
  9. Yea but come on. Only WWE can have the spinner belt for however many years and then finally get a new title and it's not even an upgrade, it's a fucking lateral move lmao. The new belt is hideous
  10. That wouldn't be the extent of the character obviously. And a babyface who is popular with 8 year old kids turning heel and proceeding to shit on them doesn't happen often (ie: never) so it would be plenty fresh.
  11. True but maybe as all heels shit on all the WWE Universe so I don't really think it would be that fresh, if he shits on the 8-year-old kids that would be dope tbh.
  12. Depends on how it's done but what if Cena never turns heel?

    I think it's probable Cena never goes heel. In fact, I almost hope he doesn't because it'd be neat for him to look back and say that no matter how many booed him and hated him, he never gave in and succumbed to the hate and always kept his head up high. Would help make him an even more unique individual than he already is considering almost every other top face turned heel at some point in their careers, whether it was met with success or not (Hogan, Austin, Rock, Andre, Bret, Michaels, Goldberg, Batista, etc.) Imagine him mentioning that in his speech at his HOF induction. Also, a lot of the resentment for him comes from a dislike of his white vanilla baby face character and the fact that people can't stand that so many love him. If they turn him, there might not be the same kind of resentment and the people who boo him now will just cheer him later on, which'll just be the same kind of situation now, only with the people who cheer and boo him now playing reverse roles.

    IF they turn him, it needs to be different than any heel turn done before. Different from Andre's. Different from Bret's. Different from Hogan's. Different from Austin's. This is why I dislike the ideas (though I came up with a few of them myself admittedly) about Cena attacking The Rock at 28 or 29 and turning heel. It seems too similar to Austin's turn, especially this year with Cena's 'need' to be WWE Champion again in the center of it as a direct similarity. It needs to feel original so it doesn't just feel like a copycat. I guess a slight mix of Hogan and Bret's heel turn while still being different will work, which is milking Cena's baby face run for as long as the kiddies cheer him, and once they mature into teenagers and start booing him out of finding him corny or played out, have him turn then, hurt by the same fans he never betrayed until they betrayed him.

    I can't think of any reason why he would turn on his fans unless they turned on him first. After enduring all the boos throughout the years and still accomplishing all that he's done under that kind of pressure, him transforming his personality into something 'darker' because of feeling betrayed by the fans who always stuck by him when a lot of others didn't is really the only path they can take.
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  13. Then he won't be the nice troll we all know and love :sad:

    Honestly I won't care. What difference is there if he's a heel and he's still booked as Super Man? It's not the face/heel thing, it's him needing to put wrestlers over already. Cena has reclaimed the WWE title more then anybody in history, and is on the top 10 longest reigns. He is also a 2 time Royal Rumble winner and a money in the bank winner. It's time for him to put wrestlers over. Honestly, if he's heel then the IWC will just start giving him credit for stuff, and if he's face, no matter what, the IWC will bitch about the way he breathes. I think it's just time for him to put young talent over is all right now. I say keep him as a face and have him put over heels, that'll make them look real good.
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  14. As much as I would love to see it happen... I realized yesterday it likely will not ever happen because he is part of the Make A Wish foundation. His face gimmick plays into that.
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  15. I know WWE would not want him to turn heel cause of his fans but i would be cool to see Fruity Pebbles turn Heel :pity:
  16. I'm pretty sure I'd mark hard at the moment itself, but in the long run if nothing else changed (didn't get an interesting character and still beat everyone) it wouldn't really do anything.
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