How would you react?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. This is a hypothetical question.
    Say you are in a committed, long term relationship or married.
    Your lover (giggity) is going to a place where the opposite sex (what you are) will be drunk, almost naked, loose, ect. They will be at this said place for several hours. Most of these men/women are looking to be drunk, go crazy and have a good time. You, however, will not be there and communication will be minimal. How would you feel? Would you trust your lover? Would you be worried/upset?

    I ask this questions because a few years ago I was in this situation & I did not handle it very well. I think we all know how most women act when they are drunk... And guys, you're not much better though I think for some reason you can control your actions better than women if that makes any sense at all. lol
  2. I wouldn't care because I trust my mate. You think it and realize that everyone when is drunk they do strange things or they'll be sluts. I understand those are things that happen, but I know she probably will come with me again so I wouldn't mind if she did it because I'd have a chance like she did and probably do the exact same thing.
  3. So you are saying it wouldn't bother you that she would be around a bunch of drunk, almost naked men? Not in the least bit?
  4. "If you love her let her go. If it was meant to be she will come back and you can have tons of sex."

    So yeah, what Nano said. Trust and you shall be trusted
  5. Not in the least bit. That's because I trust her and I know that even if she has sex with drunk guys while she's drunk too those are things that can happen. The only thing that matters to me is that she stays by my side.
  6. Wise words there... Sparky. lol

    I think its different for women than men. Some women tend to have no issue with messing around with a guy who is in a relationship, where men tend to be more hesitant if the woman is in a relationship. My cousin I no longer speak to slept around and messed around with guys who were in relationships. She didn't care. I am not saying this is all cases, but it seems to be the majority. They try to paint the picture like all men cheat yet you never hear of all the women out there cheating. I think statistically, at this point, more woman cheat then men. lol
  7. So if she slept with another dude you wouldn't care? :shock:
  8. #fact
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  9. Nope. There's a difference between men and women and it's this one:

    She slept with another man... Well, it's a reason fair enough to find a hot girl and sleep with her (That's how men think)
    He slept with another woman?! Am I not enough for him? I can't admit this happens again. He's my man! (How women think)

    This is overexagerated, but I learnt it watching TV :lol1:
  10. I trust no one/nothing.

  11. Do I have to be drunk too? :ksi:
  12. I wouldn't trust that at all. People do crazy things when drunk and I know there'd probably be a bunch of guys in a setting like that who would intentionally be looking to get laid, and wouldn't care if the woman was in a committed relationship or not.

    These are words of wisdom.
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  13. My reaction was not about the trust for my husband but more the trust I have in other women. If a woman is drunk and already loose she isn't going to care if he is married or not.
  14. I want my first time to be great :ksi:
  15. I think its more like this :

    "She slept with another man? *calls ex* "Its game on!" (men)
    "He slept with another woman?!" *grabs cars keys* "I'm going to kill that bitch!" (women)

    But honestly... If my husband cheated on me... My focus would be on him, not her because he has the final say... No matter how much she tempted him.
  16. Fixed

    >Looking to be drunk
    >Being in a place with half naked men for hours
    >Looking for a good time

    Of course I wouldn't trust her to go to a place like that. For one, they could try to get her drunk, two they wouldn't care if she was in a relationship, and three they could still try to rape her if anything. She needs the BBC Broadcasting service to protect her.
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  17. The realization of loose people mixing with booze makes me sick to my stomach.

  18. That's what I was talking about lol. I mean that if I had a girlfriend or wife and she went to a place with a bunch of guys around and she got drunk (like I said, people can exhibit erratic behavior when drunk), then I'd be worried one of the guys there would hit on her and she wouldn't go against it because she was drunk off her ass. I don't trust them guys.
  19. Relationships are obviously different for everyone. Being married is definitely a lot different than being in a casual relationship, so I can't fully understand what you are going/what you went through. I can only share what I've personally experienced thus far.

    If there's no trust, then there's no relationship, really. I hardly ever call or text my boyfriend when we're apart. Only when something important comes up (or if there's like a really funny video/meme that I know he'd love lol). Otherwise, I almost never know what he's doing and who he's with. I realize he has his own life, his own interests and a lot of the time that probably doesn't involve me.

    My boyfriend doesn't party anymore, drink/smoke/etc, but he still hangs out with party people. His best friends are like those guys who constantly plan the best party ever. And a lot of the time Pedro is still there because he's the "sober driver" so he's probably around promiscuous ladies a lot but it's whatever. I trust him and he's not really like that. (Also keep in mind that some of his friends have moved a few cities away and he still keeps in contact with them so sometimes he's even out of the city for days/a week.) We have a really chill relationship. It's been over a whole year already and we're nowhere near that "i love you" stage. He does his own thing and I do mine. Best relationship I've had so far.

  20. Sounds like you are taking it slow. Good for you! Sound advice as well. I am naturally paranoid when it comes to relationships because I had horrible friendships with women and my only other long term relationship aside from my husband was with a guy who cheated, lied and was just an awful person. The female friends I had stabbed me in the back, one was actually with guys... Anytime a guy liked me she would tell them I was a hoe or had a disease then sleep with them. It happened more than a couple times. So right there I don't trust women around my husband, specially drunk ones. And he too has a friend that is mr. party harty. A year or so ago he was doing all kinds of drugs, drunk all the time, it was bad... And he hung out with him. The way he talked about women made me want to vomit. He no longer sees him all that much but just like a few years ago, he will be going to this "thing" with him again... I guess I am more worried about his effects on my husband, than my husband's own freewill, if that makes sense. I don't trust his friend and I never will.
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