How would you split The Shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Yes, I as well don't want them to split at all yet, but how would you guys book it if it were up to you? The most common theory I have read is Rollins breaking out as the face of the group and feuding with Ambrose, but I don't know what Reigns would be doing.

    How would you do it?
  2. I'm sure they'll break up by the end of 2013.

    I think it makes sense that their first big loss should be at Wrestlemania. That could shake the group up a bit and start to build towards a breakout, but even that might be too soon. I think Summer next year would be just around the right time. Similar to Legacy, I could see a triple threat match of some kind.
  3. Let Ambrose start to play mind games with the other two, and turn them against each other. In the meantime, Ambrose wins the US or IC title thanks to help from Seth/Roman. Also, have Seth or Roman win the other title due to botched interference from the other. Then they find out Ambrose is behind it, and they have a three way for the titles. Roman gets pinned first, thus no title, and beats the crap out of the other two before he's removed. The titles are split, Roman and Seth can continue their feud, while Ambrose moves on to the ME singles scene.
  4. Yeah, it'd involve a Rollins face turn some time after their big loss which results in internal conflict. Then I guess Reigns can cost Ambrose a few matches vs face Rollins and they end up fighting as well, but no turn. Not sure.
  5. Have Ambrose be a main eventer and keep Rollins and Reigns a tag team. Partly because they need good tag teams, partly because Reigns isnt good enough to be on his own yet.
  6. I wouldnt bother splitting them just release them
  7. Piss the fucking fuck off.
  8. Something similar to evolution when Batista split.
    Rollins is Batista.
  9. Rollins face turn to feud with Ambrose, those two can make themselves, a log rivalry between the two will cause neither of them any harm since they will put each other over. Maybe have Rollins win a singles title and Ambrose then attacks him for it, kind of how Triple H turned on Orton in Evolution, only this time both guys are pretty equal, which makes for a much more interesting feud.

    As for Reigns.... I'd probably build him kind of like Mr. Kennedy's initial push. Allow him to work with some older, wiser veterans and go over them to help build up his in ring repertoire and character. I think he could benefit from that.
  10. Log out. Shut down your computer. And never come back.
  11. I would have Ambrose become more and more of an overbearing prick. He slowly starts to take control as the leader, at first subtly, manipulating Rollins and Reigns into doing things that benefit Ambrose ahead of the group. They slowly begin to figure it out as he becomes more conspicuous with his power play and they begin to resent him. Eventually they break off from Amrbrose, who becomes even more ruthless than before. He has a long feud with both men, dominating them of course, before they eventually disappear randomly after Ambrose beats Rollins at a major PPV. Ambrose hints that he either killed them or had them killed and is viewed as the most sinister heel in the history of wrestling. Rollins/Reigns go away for at least one year before being completely repackaged beyond recognition of casual fans.
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  12. I like the idea of vicious Ambrose but no Rollins makes me sad :sad:
  13. Ambrose with the title

    Rollins wins RR

    Paranoid Dean as Rollins decided who to choose Dean attacks him repeatedly

    Chooses DEAN, Ambrose's Paranoia runs wild

    Rollins wins.
  14. He will be back in a year.

    or hell, give his ass a mask and he can keep working after his murder. Maybe WWE can go all soap opera on our ass and Rollins' twins shows up.

    I just want a murder angle, dammit. Ambrose makes the perfect serial killer gimmick
  15. This reminds me of that time Samoe Joe killed Scott Steiner.
  16. Pull a Dallas scenario Rollins walks outta the shower (:fap:) and all of it was a dream?

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  19. Ambrose should totally "kill" Vince when it is finally time to write him off of TV.
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    :gtfo: with your wrestling jibba jabba, this is a Biggie thread now
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