How would you try to fix the tag-team division?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, May 11, 2012.

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  1. The current tag teams are Epico and Primo, Hunico and Camacho, the Uso brothers, O'Neil and Young, Hawkins and Reks... as well as the random teams of Santino and Ryder, Kidd and Gabriel, Kofi and Truth, Dolph and Swagger.

    But yet, the tag-team division feels completely unimportant and very unimpressive.

    Soo... Do you think the tag-team division is beyond repair? Do they need better teams than what they currently have, or just better booking? What would you do to make the division relevant again? Can you get the fans interested again?

  2. I think the teams are good enough to make a better division than it is, but they're not being booked very well, or at least weren't until a short time ago, I think they're going the right way. We have O'Neil and Young who are relatively entertaining and are decent in the ring (using a broader variety of moves wouldn't hurt though), and are looking dominant. Reks and Hawkins are still on NXT, when they come to Raw or SD they'll actually be a part of the division. Why WWE never uses the Usos is beyond me, they're a made tag team and are ready for the gold from my point of view. Epico and Primo are OK. Let's see where Kofi and Truth's reign goes, they bring some star power to the division alongside Ziggler and Swagger. I think that all they need to do is book tag teams correctly, and the division will be at least acceptable.
  3. Partner Sin Cara and Mysterio up to be the super-face charismatic over tag-team that every division needs. You have the heel teams already with O'neil/Young and Reks/Hawkins (the best tag-team in WWE). I would then put Cesaro and Hero together as they're an awesome team. We need more gimmick tag-teams, look at the Hardy boys, look at Edge/Christian. More goofy tag-teams.

    I'd have the heel tag-teams get lots of mic time, lots of interesting serious segments. Rey/Sin Cara can use their in ring skills to get them over. You could then put an over heel from the main-event who's doing nothing into it. You could align ADR with Kofi and slowly turn ADR face because of it. Or put Miz in a tag-team with Mysterio instead and have his slow face turn. There's so many ways to get the tag-team division interesting.

    Have your champions face off against your WWE champion, have it be a close bout, makes the tag-team members look strong. If it was Hawkins vs Punk with Reks trying to intervene and cheat, it'd put them in the ME, it'd get them heal heat, it'll give Punk cheers as he'll eventually win. Titles also need to be defended at every single PPV.
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