How would you turn Orton heel?

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  1. Want some ideas to turn this boring face back to his entertaining heel routes.
  2. He sux on the mic and he sux in the ring, but I think Vince is worried it will look bad for Sheamus and the SD brand if they turn RKO heel and he still gets a bigger pop than a baby face ..
  3. Orton is great in the ring brother.
  4. I would have him go on an IRL mass murdering spree of all of WWE creative. Creative is dead, they bring in new blood, and Orton goes to jail for the rest of his life.

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  5. He wasn't a boring heel as well?

    In all seriousness, I don't think he can really turn heel at the moment. What big baby face could Orton really attack that will turn him back into a heel? He will get cheered attacking Cena. Fans by large don't care a whole lot for Sheamus, outside of just generic pops. Ryback isn't a big enough face to really turn someone heel just by getting viciously attacked, and I don't see Ryback being allowed to be weakened by Orton anyway.
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  6. IMO he's an amazing heel, but that's subjective I guess.
  7. I think him screwing over Team Foley would be a fantastic way to turn him heel, probably won't happen though.
  8. I was joking with calling him a boring heel. His feuds with Mick Foley and the Undertaker as the "Legend Killer", and his feuds with Triple Age and John Cena as "The Viper" alone put him over as a pretty good heel.
  9. Set up Sheamus vs Big Show at Survivor Series in a Last man standing match. Dolph Ziggler hits the MITB briefcase on The Big Show. Sheamus defeats The Big Show in the ring becoming the new WHC. Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and gives a battered Sheamus the RKO. Dolph Ziggler seeks his opportunity and cashes in his MITB while Randy Orton looks on while walking on the ramp. Dolph Ziggler becomes your new World Heavyweight Champion.

    Randy Ortons explanation is that he feels like it should have been him competing against The Big Show for the Championship and feels like Sheamus is unworthy of being a champion.

    Dolph Ziggler's explanation for hitting The Big Show? Because he can. He saw an opportunity and took it, who doesn't take the chance when they're Mr MITB? Dolph Ziggler drops Vickie Guerrero as soon as SmackDown starts. He then gets attacked by The Big Show and Randy Orton, out comes Sheamus to make the save.. They both look at each other. This set's up a tag-team main event, The Big Show and Randy Orton vs Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler.

    Dolph Ziggler vs The Big Show feud beings for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    Randy Orton vs Sheamus feud beings for the No.1 contender for the Championship.

    Dolph Ziggler becomes a face while Sheamus remains a face.
    Randy Orton becomes a heel while having The Big Show remain a heel.

    Dolph Ziggler is the World Heavyweight Champion as a face, Randy Orton later feuds Dolph for the WHC.
    The Big Show feuds Ryback.
    Sheamus feuds Wade Barrett.
  10. I'd have him RKO the entire arena and walk off like a :boss1:

    And when did The legend killer gimmick become boring. Hell Orton heel is always entertaining. Orton sucks in ring? :dawg:

    Orton always delivers in the ring he could have a good match with a turtle.

    But in all seriousness i'd have him turn heel by re-sparking his feud with Foley. He could say how he's tired of people like Foley trying to come back and get in the viper's way of making his legacy.

    He could be the legend that kills other legends lets face it Orton will most certainly be in HOF one day. Youngest WHC and he punted Vince. When the boss lets you RKO him and his entire family you can bet your ass you're going into the HOF. :yes:
  11. I agree with Lacky, the turn would fit in great at Survivor series.
  12. Dare him to turn into a bad guy again.. I don't know.
  13. [video=dailymotion][/video]:pity1:
  14. CM Punk... :downer:
  15. :facepalm: Was going to add you to my favorite users..
  16. You hate Orton?
  18. Never LOL

    Any time I see a match with the 'Viper' it's straight in to fast forward mode!

    Throw ADR in to the mix and it's the worst pairing going around!

  19. He's boring yes, but his ring work is great. Look at his match with Christian.
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