How would you use Brock Lesnar?

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  1. At the moment he's "left WWE", how would you book his return? It's quite obvious in my opinion he'll be taking out Shawn Michaels at the 1000th RAW to continue his feud with Triple H. I'm absolutely dreading the outcome of HHH winning that match clean as it's reported WWE want Lesnar for Wrestlemania 29. Him losing to HHH and Cena will be stupid if he's going to be heading into the likely feud of Lesnar vs Rock or Lesnar vs Taker.

    So, book his return into one of those two angles (or a different).
  2. Build him up as a monster/badass. Then have him put over young talent to the main event spot. Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston need it.
  3. F5's and armbars to everybody and anybody! :brock:
  4. I love how you say this for Brock but if we suggest that for Rock you go insane lol. :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Kofi or Bryan vs Brock would be cool, but the size difference is just too big. It's almost not thinkable to have Kofi or Bryan to win against Brock.
  6. To move heavy equipment backstage :brock: ....OH! Are you talking about in the ring? :otunga:
  7. That's because the Rock isn't with WWE. Brock has a 1 year contract with them and probably won't ever come back to WWE. The Rock on the other hand is busy making movies and always loves coming back to WWE.

    Another reason is because currently it's not like anyone on the roster deserves a push from The Rock.
  8. He's being used perfectly.
  9. It's believable for Bryan imo.
  10. Brock Lesnar Feud with mae young
  11. Brock Lesner can scare children in campsites. Now as for in ring purposes, he should be used to pick on the guys who need a push, making them pissed onto where they wanna strike back against him, and put them in a good match, make it close no matter who wins, not like a Sheamus/Byran Wrestlemania repeat.
  12. I wouldn't have him feud against HHH, I'd use him to put young stars over, Bryan, for example.
  13. Summerslam won't draw. WWE parents won't let their kids watch WWE when Brock is there.
  14. He turns up on 1000th Raw and F5s Big Show, an excuse to have him off our screens.
    So people think its a face turn but then he does the same to a face (insert jobber face) comfirming hes still a heel, he basically does what Big Show is doing now just attacking everyone and everything until a face D-Bry attacks him, they build up a feud in the coming weeks getting more and more heated and intense then at whatever PPV dont care which one D-Bry beats him cleanly thus cementing him in the ME forever. :yes:
  15. I wish. Someone should do the make a wish foundation and ask Cena/Brock to lose cleanly to Dolph Ziggler. Think of the future. (so so bad, sorry anyone who has feelings)

    ETA: Meant Bork, but Cena works well also.
  16. I know it wont happen and thats why WWE really needs to change :obama: so that feuds like this are believable.
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