How would you use Dean Ambrose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 14, 2012.

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  1. You're in charge of his debut. You can use any other superstars you want to include in the debut, go.
  2. The "new" hardcore legend!!

    He returned with his own version of the hardcore title and claims he will defend it 24-7!

    Then he starts picking fights with jobbers all show to start an undefeated streak backstage

    By week 4 he will have gone 31-0 beating anyone anywhere!

  3. Not really sure a hardcore title can exist in this current WWE though. The rest sounds awesome lol.
  4. I like the idea Darkside suggested but as Crayo said. WWE is not hardcore enough to still have the hardcore title. They've gone more edgy lately but not edgy enough for the hardcore title to be relevant anymore. A way past this is to call it something else. Say the 24-7 title. Meaning it can be challenged for anywhere, anytime.
  5. he pins shameus for the wwf championship and becomes face of smackup. or have him interrupt hhh
  6. Ambrose as a face? Nooo.
  7. I think having that feud with Foley for his first one would be cool. Have Mick come out and Dean attack him making his debut. Then, let us enjoy the great mic work those two can do while Ambrose beats some midcarders. He occasionally goes over Foley cleanly on some big PPV. But that's obviously only one idea out of a bunch that could be used. But he needs to stay a heel and use his FCW gimmick.
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