How would you use Foley?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Foley is part of the WWE again, he was briefly used for the Royal Rumble and showed he certainly still had it on the mic, and could still bring the best out of other superstars IE Dolph Ziggler. Many of us here predicted Ziggler vs Foley for WM in a hardcore match, which Foley would put over Ziggler.

    But it seems like #wwelogic has taken place again, and he won't be used at all. How would you use him?
  2. He's done the GM thing, he can't wrestle anymore, and I don't really like him when he isn't doing a character. I just don't see a place for him, and I'd rather give any potential TV time he would be taking up to a young guy who could actually be used in the future.
  3. Yeah but a good way of putting over younger talent is having them go over an absolute legend like Foley? What would help Dolph more, going over Kofi in a US Championship match, or going over Cactus Jack in a hardcore match?
  4. Foley is done. He is bland to me. He's done his part and should stick to guest appearances. I actually caught an episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap" not long ago with him in it. The new wife had to help him put his shoe on because his hip is messed up.

    Even if I wanted to use him I wouldn't be able to think of a way. It would be like dead weight in the roster AKA Khali.
  5. I really, really would like to see Mick Foley in the ring again for a match if he is capable to do it.
    I loved the matches he had with Orton and Edge. Would be awesome to do something like that with Ziggler, but too bad, it isn't really possible anymore these days.
  6. I really think he has been used to the fullest. Not only did he have an amazing attitude era career, those feuds with orton and edge were impeccable, and also TNA. He hasn't really ever left the spotlight. Right when you think he is gone he appears on another promotion right afterward.
  7. Yeah man it's crazy. With his other side work and comedy and all of that..
  8. I don't want to see a 50 year old Foley in the ring making an ass of himself personally
  9. How would I use him. If it wasn;t the PG era, I would use him to bring back the hardcore championship, street fights and awesome hell in a cell matches.
  10. How I'd use him is simple, copy the Orton feud but replace Orton with Rhodes. Have a big hardcore match at ER where Cody wins to proclaim himself as the "King of Hardcore" It's a proven formula beat Foley in a hardcore match and you're legit. Such as with Edge, Orton and HHH. This is all dependant on if Mick could do it. Then again alot of this WM would be different if I could book it.
  11. I probs wouldn't use him in ring but I would use his talent the guy could easily help out the younger wrestlers backstage on how to cut promos and on there match mechanics as he knew when and why to do certain spots in matches. He could really help develop some of the younger talent which would be no bad thing imo.

    Also I would be interested in him if he was someones manager reckon that'd would be cool.

    Would be scared to see him in ring as I'd worry with his age and injuries that it'd tarnish his legacy however I do think he should be in WWE in an alternative capacity as I mention above.
  13. Who would you have him face?
  14. Wade put him in a Harcore Match and make him a big star like he ones did with Randy Orton!
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