How would YOU use Kane to turn Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. 99% of us see Kane as a way of setting the platform for a Cena heel turn. At the moment, it's not really working because as @[seabs] has correctly said, Cena is getting dominated thus building sympathy for him. If Cena gets the upper hand in the feud though, is Kane's dominating aura diminished?

    Feel free to use other superstars in your booking. Or perhaps comment on whether you think he's being used as a heel-turn for Cena or not. Some think it's just a filler-feud for Cena, so he can rise-above Kane's hate and go into Rock at mania' looking strong.
  2. They've booked themselves into a corner sadly now. The only possible way to salvage it would be for Cena to rise above the hate so to speak and beat Kane. It would destroy the aura but that's were they went wrong with Kane. He needs to dominate for this resurrected thing to work. The only possible solution I have which offers some protection to Kane is have Cena start to actually get desperate and take the low road so to speak. Just a desperation low blow when the refs back is turned something like that. Make John doubt he could do it on his own anymore. Like Austin before wrestlemania 17. This wouldn't be the heel turn but just the cracks appearing in Cena's moral character. It's issues like this which make me question if Cena can turn heel. As soon as he does something different his Charisma shines threw and you want to cheer him.
  3. Second idea is great. Don't want Cena going over Kane clean, no way. Have Cena do that (low blows, count outs etc) and win, have the commentators play and discuss that all the time. Give Kane a few segments as well discussing it. Be a great way to get out of the corner so to speak.
  4. How about if Kane antagonized John.

    Such as Edge did by attacking John's father.
  5. @[Crayo] Kane isn't going to make Cena go Heel.
  6. Wouldn't work. Anything Cena would do in retaliation would still be a face thing to do.

    You don't know that for sure. Why would they end the last RAW of 2011 with the intention for Cena to get boo'd completely (in the end he got a small lets go cena and a large cena sucks chant)? Why would commentators keep questioning his character? It's pretty obvious he's turning at mania in my opinion.
  7. Kane is building up for his Heel turn, he isn't going to actually turn heel by him.
    The Miami crowd will boo the hell out of him than he will go psycho grab a chair and hit The Rock with it.

    That's my theory and it already happened in my dreams, so it's official.
  8. Lol I'm not and was never saying Kane WILL be the guy to turn Cena. I'm generally asking how would you use him to build Cena for the heel turn. I'd love for Cena to smash Rock over and over with a chair, dream me in there sometime bro.
  9. @[Crayo] That's beyond homo.
  10. Sometimes for WWE to take notice, you need to be homo.
  11. This. I think It's Cane who is becoming Heel. He was insulting the crowd straight up on Monday. Like Seabs said, Cena is going to rise above hate and Kane will be Heel.
  12. CM Punk meant Kane isn't turning Cena heel, Rock will. Kane is already heel lol.
  13. Yeah, that's what I meant. Kane is only heel for the PG generation fans.

  14. Well he ain't heel for me now. Kane is a different character lol
  15. Maybe Kane will go after Jeritroll next? :emoji_wink: @[seabs]
  16. Jeritroll will break down in tears then hit the low blow :troll:.
  17. :rofl: