How would you use Kharma?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 27, 2012.

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  1. When she returns, how would you use her?
  2. I'd have her destroy everyone in the divas division.
  3. Have her destroy Ace.
  4. I suppose that Kharma dominating the divas and one or two standing up to her would make a good storyline.
  5. Destroy the divas division except the ones that can wrestle. Eat the Divas title and reinstate the womens title.
  6. Have her destroy Big Show and then have a live sex with him like Edge and Lita. :dawg:
  7. :lol1:

  8. Make that Mark Henry. After all, he's Sexual Chocolate..
  9. Kharma vs Beth, Kharma vs Natalya or Kharma vs Beth vs Natalya would be classics.
  10. Just book her as a female version of Samoa Joe or Vader. #destruction
  11. I'd put her in a seg with Henry and Clay. One pounce in the ring and the cellulose would never cease movement
  12. I'd love her in a psychotic monster stable.
  13. Same here.
  14. I'd have her clean my house. She's more useful to me that way

  15. Kharma was stalking Kelly Kelly in the ring and that must of been going somewhere she was attacking other divas around Kelly Kelly but never her so I think they were gonna feud. I hope they continue this. Im pretty sure Kelly Kelly would of kicked her ass just to show she is more than just a pretty face
  16. Kelly would die by simply touching Kharma. Kharma is too much boss for Skanky to handle. Your devotion to a glorified stripper is just weird.
  17. @[Randy Savage]
  18. Kharma would eat Randy as well.
  19. I remember Kharma stalking Kelly, I was wondering where that was going to go. But... Kelly beating Kharma? That's... not a good decision, to say the least.
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