How would you write Jericho off the show?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. If he leaves after Summerslam, how would you write him off?
  2. Have him beat Ziggler clean, then have Ziggler snap and beat him half to death with the briefcase!
  3. :no:

    I'd have the match based around Jericho being shocked how good Dolph is. They go back and forth and Jericho gives his all, Ziggler simply won't give up. Jericho starts to think maybe he has lost it and Ziggler ends it. Almost like Regal/Ambrose when Regal put his hands up ready to be attacked as he knew Ambrose was better and the new villain. Have it like that, then when Jericho returns he is fresh and hunts down Ziggler for a return feud after "training" for however months/years.
  4. But I have a better chance at my story being used!!! #wwelogic
  5. I'm starting to think Jericho will beat Ziggler at SS
  6. Why?
  7. I would have Chris Jericho win the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam, then have Dolph Ziggler cash in the briefcase on him and wins. Then for Jericho to have his rematch at the next day on RAW in a falls count anywhere match, with Dolph Ziggler retaining the championship.
  8. As we have Jericho and Ziggler feuding, the match would possibly be between them two at Summer Slam. With Dolph Ziggler making the quote losing his touch" I believe I would go to a old school vs new school. If Jericho is to go, Ziggler would win it. I would also have Ziggler's MITB briefcase on the line, similar to Hardy vs Edge, with great heel diva manager Vickie Guerrero, although I wouldn't have the love affair between the two.

    I would have Jericho and Ziggler in a good old fashion Iron Man match, the two can wrestler. Have it about 30 minute limit and end score Ziggler - 3 Jericho - 2.

    Jericho would catch Ziggler after reversing the Zig Zag
    Ziggler would gain a pin after Vickie intervenes. Thus having Vickie removed from ring-side.
    Ziggler would tap to Walls of Jericho, then behind ref's back hit low blow followed by Zig Zag for equalizer.
    Final Pin: Ziggler with a Zig Zag leaving two minutes on the clock, Ziggler then running out the clock for heel heat.

    Post match of course have Jericho nail Ziggler with a codebreaker, as I am a Jerichaholic
  9. Punt kick lol :haha:

    The one I actually think it's happening is DZ beating him up really bad and him having to be stretchered out. Jericho leaving after noticing Ziggler is better and such similar to Regal/Ambrose as Crayo said is also nice.
  10. Lol, not that hard, same way he was written off last time. With a punt kick.
  11. Have him tell people he is going to find his smile again, keeping it open for a return. Seriously though, he will job to ziggler like the amazing badass he is, and will get some shit promo showing him going ON TOUR WITH FOZZY and the wweuniverse will miss him. Thats about it, because thats how this shitshow works.
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  12. lol sounds about right
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