how wwe championships are counted?

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  1. cm punk won more matches wwe championship,
    he won championship matches wrestle mania 2012,money in the bank 2012,extreme rules 2012,summerslam 2012 it means more than 2.but it is counted as two,how championships are counted?
  2. That's how many times he has held the WWE Championship, twice. The first time was when he beat John Cena when his contract expired, then he lost the championship to Alberto Del Rio due to Kevin Nash interference and beating him up and Del Rio successfully cashing in. He then regained it at Survivor Series by making Alberto Del Rio tap out to his Anaconda Vice. Those ARE NOT the times he defended that championship but it's how many REIGNS he had.
  3. They're counted on how many times someone gets the belt, not by how many times they win while having it. If that was the case Ric Flair's would be exceptionally higher than 16
  4. I think when Punk left with the title the night his contract expired, that technically counted as being stripped of it, which is why they held the tournament on Raw to crown a new champion. So Punk should actually be a three time WWE Champion.
  5. Nope, he was still the WWE Championship, at the time it counted as CM Punk and Rey Mysterio/John Cena being the champions until CM Punk unified the two WWE Championships when he beat John Cena.
  6. They only 'unified' the belts in the sense that Punk said he was the real champ since he never was beat (and since he took the belt with him when he left.) His contract expiring means he was technically stripped, hence the tournament. That's how lists it, although strangely, they don't mention his win at Summerslam.
  7. :hmm: From what I read they never took the championship off of him, even when he left.
  8. You wrote from and I thought you were addressing me :haha:
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