Royal Rumble How WWE Should Book The Rumble by WhatCulture

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. Check it out and give your thoughts below.
  2. Watching later, these are usually good :sandow:
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  3. I forgot the Kofi segment, I would like it to play out as he mentioned.
  4. 2/10 wouldn't watch again
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  5. How YouTube should terminate WhatCulture would be a video I would watch. Obviously by myself and Shadow.
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  6. Hipsters. :pity1:
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  7. Thank god for x2 Speed, for this god damn 22 minute long ass video.

    Overall wasn't really feeling it until the end, with the final 4 guys being Brock, Reigns, AJ, and DB. I definitely support the idea of not having Triple H win.
  9. Pretty solid. Wonder how some of this would come across live - especially the Y2J, Ambrose, New Day stuffs... Also while I am no fan of the eventual "Everything about Roman" rumble, it's a bit too far in the other direction. No, the League of Twats in the end doesn't count.

    Love the idea with the first three and last two especially, though. Good shit.
  10. Good to see I have someone who shares my views.
  11. DO IT DOUG!
  12. got a few minutes tomorrow evening to catch Impact?
  13. Depends if you're talking about LIVE or on WW.
  14. Yes, I'm asking to watch Impact live on Friday night...

    Welcome to come along!
  15. Sucks I don't have POP. I'd be down for a Saturday night viewing. But I don't think anyone will join.
  16. [​IMG] You bet bud.
  17. Stream.
  18. Had no idea you can stream the TV guide channel.
  19. man I've got school mon-thurs during wrestling hours anyway, it'll be a weekend WW stream if I can do anything

    yes, you can stream the TV guide channel if there's sports/wrestling on it
  20. *crossing fingers* Saturday would be the best day. No commercials or shitty stream to sit through.
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