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  1. Do you use smilies in a post?
  2. like this :hi: but say dave in it and you get this: :dave:
  3. Where do you get the codes?
  4. You can see smileys on the side of posts (if you don't use quick reply), and you can click "Get More" to see all of them. Eventually you remember them like :sad : is :sad:
  5. As explained above but here is a well produced info guide:

    The codes are basically :insertname: so using the colon before : and the colon after : to make it :word:

    Here are common ones which are used (don't use the spaces between the colons):

    : sad : = :sad:

    : angry : = :angry:

    : win : = :win:

    : yes : = :yes:

    : troll : = :troll:

    For the full list of smilies, use:
  6. And here's my favorite, :finger : :finger:
    All there.
  8. :youdontsay: @[Solidus]
  9. Fail
  10. No one ever really uses this :taker:
  11. :bitw: and this is :bitw when it should be :goat:
  12. :(( Don't hate my failing grades Crayo.
  13. It should be goat! Hell I'M THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE :angry:
  14. I'm agreeing with you JESUS :dafuq:
  15. :finger: is GOAT shhh.

    :bitw: is BITW.
  16. :bury1: is goat

    :lol: is bitw
  17. [​IMG] is goat
  18. Added as :goat :
  19. :goat: i like it
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