How'd Cena get injured?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by William, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering how he got injured, I saw someone post in a thread about Ryback only being pushed cause Cena was injured.

    Now to please CenaFaggots & CenaHaters

    To CenaFaggots: :upset: WHY WAS CENA INJURED!!!

    To CenaHaters(TheCoolGuys) CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!! :win:
  2. He had surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow.
  3. Noice.


    How longs he out for?
  4. Until HIAC, lol.
  5. So not that nice. :cry:
  7. :dawg:
  8. I know right! :upset:
  9. He broke his vagina
  10. Normally, for this surgery, you're looking at six to eight weeks of recovery time. Cena is known as a fast healer and told Vince and HHH that he would be ready to go come HIAC.

    Since they can't be 100% sure that he will be back by HIAC, they've pushed Ryback to this level just in case. The interest it has sparked, however, is probably more than they expected.

  11. Well Cena normally is a fast healer, but they are overworking him, so he might either recover in normal time or be longer, he needs to rest if anybody wants him to heal at fast speed, and even after healing, it would be dangerous to do a match like a Hell in the Cell right after healing.
  12. Anyone 'celebrating' or being happy because someone is injured... are you serious? It's still a human being..
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