How'd you book a Lesnar return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Let's say he is returning in 2013 for a WM 29 angle, how'd you do it? We've already debated IF he's returning, this thread is based on the assumption that he is. Would you make him face? Heel? Who'd you have him feud with? How would that feud come about?
  2. I would have him return at the Royal Rumble in 2013 as a random entrant. Then, I would have him win the Rumble, where he would end up feuding with Randy Orton, (the new WWE Champion).

    Then, Brock Lesnar, (as a heel), would get himself involved in Ortons matches for a few weeks after the rumble. Then, I would add the stipulation to the WM 29 match. "Championship vs Career", where Brock Lesnar would sadly win the championship, and become even more of a heel.
  3. If he's only back for WM :

    Undertaker makes his return on a raw episode and cuts a promo based upon how no one is worthy of the streak this year. Brock makes his return and responds saying he always had one upped the Undertaker. A highlight reel shows their previous matches it ends with this image :
    This ends up causing a feud similar to Taker HHH in 2011.
    It would be a face vs face match to establish the best.

    If he's back for the long term :
    I'd have a heel Cena basically destroying Raw no one can stop him he'd do anything to protect his WWE title.Have him as a true dominant heel. Vince would return and try to control Cena. Cena would end up AAing him and smiling back. The commentary would build it up as Cena's rage was created because of Vince forcing him to be a role model. This would end with Vince announcing there is only one person who has dominated the WWE as much as Cena is now. For weeks Vince would say this. Each passing week Cena grows more and more paranoid that Vince has found someone who can match him. Brock returns to a face off with Cena. They stare each other down and Cena leaves the ring. This ends at WM with Brock going over Cena they then have a feud which lasts all through the summer.
    Brock is a face for this.
  4. Both good ideas. You seem to prefer Brock being a face :emoji_wink:.
  5. I can't see him getting booed tbh. He's a big name they barely ever come back as heels.
  6. Against a mega-face like Taker I think he would. Or perhaps book HBK as the guy who wants that last try against Taker, crowd are loving it, Brock destroys him and takes his spot to face Taker as the heel. Very low-detail but that might get him heat.
  7. Or if Lesnars promos talk poorly about the fan base.
  8. Dream scenario: He returns to face heel Cena, as Cena would still be a superman if heel.

    Likely scenario: Returns wanting Taker's streak.
  9. I would really want him as a face but as heel he would get more heat than anyone has gotten before( UFC).

    As a face I would book him like Goldberg, having an unbeaten record and fighting for the championship and maybe getting cheated in some matches too.

    As a heel I would book him to be a monster destroying careers and dominating everyone.Then as always out of nowhere comes Cena and here we have a feud.