How'd you come up with your username(s)?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Shadow, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Simple question,how'd you come up with your username(s)?

    Shadow308- I combined my main online username with my address number.

    Suicide- Named after Suicide(Manik) because he's one of my favorites in TNA.

    Shadoxicity- I decided to dedicate half of my username to Dean Ambrose,so, I took the word Moxicity(one of his sigs before WWE) and combined it with my main online nickname Shadow to get Shadoxicity.
  2. Reborn: I thought that it was cool
    Stylin: Big AJ Styles fan.
  3. My friends had their gamertags as their name and random numbers and I had a shitty GT so I changed mine to Adam568 and been using that everywhere for about a year now.
  4. It was my gamertag on XBL first.

    Basically, I'm really into RPG's, it's my favorite game genre. I use to play MMORPG's so much and I'm really into magic so more often than not I was a mage in these games. I was flipping through the channels one day and i saw this commercial for Wizard 101 on Nickelodeon channel or something. It was a whole MMORPG just about magic, but it was styled as a kid's game. It looked like fun regardless, so I downloaded it and tried it. Since it's a kid's game, you can't really completely make up your username. You had to pick your first name, the first word of your last name and then the second word of your last name out of a list they gave you. I mixed and matched the names for awhile, but then decided the last word was "bane" since it sounded really cool and "magic-y" continued to mix and match and thought "deathbane" would be a really cool, bad-ass wizard surname.

    The lady part is a play on my old ex-bf's gamertag on PSN. His started with "Lord ___" so naturally the female equivalent of a lord is a lady. I put it all together and it sounded really cool and way better than my old gt which was like "Radi0active" or something like that.

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  5. Everybody knows who McLovin is :pity1:.
  6. I love Brock been a fan of his since his first run in WWE and when he returned to WWE in 2012 I marked out and then found this forum and thought to dedicate my account in his name

  8. And mine is self explanatory.
  9. Stopspot = I literally cannot fully remember how I came up with this one. It was around when I was 15 and it was a gamer handle, that is all I can remember.
    Shabang = A nickname for Johnny Gargano, one of my fav wrestlers.
    Alkaline = From the name of one of my fav bands, Alkaline Trio.
  10. Walter Jr: I have no idea where I came up with this, I'm just really original I guess. :urm:
  11. I love Cena and I saw another member with the name CrazyJ Lee so I kind of copied it.
  12. Eddy335, because I'm Adam 568's childhood friend! :happy:
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  13. :nope:

  14. :nope:
  15. OK.

    wwerulesrkolover23 - Made this when I was 13. Originally, it was wweROCKSrkolover23. So.. yeah. My birthday is March 23, so that explains the numbers.

    BlueLADS23 - Made this last year. Found out that the first letters of the first names of the members of my favorite boy band Blue form up the word LADS, and coincidentally, it also arranges them by age, youngest to oldest.

    Scarlette - Scarlette is a name that I wish I had. It's a name that I find wonderful. I use the name on most on my characters in my stories so... yeah.

  16. Oh god, so terrible :lady:
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  17. I was in a film group called Dem Kids From Jersey, when I started doing the recaps it was just me, so I called myself Dat Kid From Jersey. When I reffered to the site by Vince McMahon (user obv) I went by that name because the wrestling community already knew me by that name. I eventually shortened it to Dat Kid.
  18. DK=My first name initial and last name initial.
    James=My middle name
  19. Senhor = Mr in Portuguese. That is all.
  20. Most badass video game character of all time.
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