How'd you use Rey Mysterio?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. He's returning soon, who would you put him in a feud with? I'd possibly make him feud with Truth, pushing Miz to the ME.
  2. If I had the book I'd use him to turn ADR babyface. I know they've been mortal enemies since ADR's debut but I'd have Rey talk about how Alberto is from one of the greatest lineages in Mexican wrestling. This makes Del Rio see the error of his ways and he begins his quest to be a great luchadore once again. Have them team for a year or so, get a few runs with the belt then when Del Rio gets over enough begin pushing him back into the main event as a top babyface. He then wins the belt after a slow burn 6-7 month push.

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    Anyway, I actually love that idea. If you replied "Use him to turn ADR babyface" I'd hate it since I can't imagine him as one, but I'd love a mexican tag-team, they'd be amazing. They could single handedly revitalize the division, ADR has a ton of charisma too.
  4. The ADR character is made to be a babyface imo. It's just everything about him even down to his entrance. The cars are too awesome.It's not obnoxious like JBL's limo it's more like Eddie's low rider imo.
  5. Interesting view point. I think he could play both given the right gimmick, very charismatic wrestler.

    I hope he does come back as a face but it's very unlikely.