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  1. I am the new guy, hello. In case you can't tell from my username my name is Ken. 33 years, been watching wrestling for about 30 of them. Glad to be here and thank you to the staff for integrating tapatalk. Hope to see everyone around.

    As per template,
    Favorite superstar, um I really didn't have one but if I had to pick one currently it would be Bobby Roode probably. I've just really enjoyed his transition to a legit main event guy and the way he carries himself.

    Favorite company,
    Tna, at the moment, it's simply more entertaining to me. The x division is a good reason why. I really miss the fast paced cruiser weight type action.

    How did I find the site.
    I got an email from someone who is a member of another forum I hadn't been to in a very long time, took me by surprise but hey, it led me here

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  2. Welcome Ken, to the greatest wrestling forum in the world!
  3. I appreciate it

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  4. Cool to have TNA fan join. Welcome, dude.
    You watch(ing) Genesis?
  5. Nvm. Just saw you in the discussion thread. Cool
  6. Not watching it, just watching the thread lol. I'll try and catch the replay or something

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  7. :dawg:
  8. HELLO KEN! :angry:

    Welcome to the best forum in the world!!!! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  9. Hello hello

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  10. Yes! You like Bobby F'ing ROODE! :woo1:

    Welcome to the site! Guessing you were referred by MarketForums.
  11. Heya, Dude, welcome.
    You will find your time here rather enjoyable.
  12. Re: RE: Howdy

    Nope Solidus

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  13. hi enjoy yourself here
  14. Hello, welcome to the site man! Bobby Roode is a great talent and a legitimate main-eventer now.
  15. Welcome to the site mate, glad to have another TNA mark around here.

    Little tip with tapatalk, there is a bug where if you have the tapatalk signature enabled no one can quote you properly. They will quote you, reply, but all people will see is your quoted message and not their reply. So is it possible you could take off the tapatalk signature? Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. I meant GFXForums. :facepalm:
    My bad.

  17. __________

    Welcome ! Hope you have a good time here :otunga:
  18. Welcome to the forums dude, enjoyed your contribtions to the discussion thread last night. I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
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