How's Raw?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. I haven't watched the last 5 Raw's because of cable issues, then computer issues...

    So how has Raw been these last few weeks?
    Anything good happen?
  2. Debut of three new guys. Cena's feuding with Ziggler. Punk injured for about 3 weeks from now.
  3. The Shield :gusta:
  4. Cena vs'ing Ziggler... :gusta:

    Punk's hurt?

    And is the shield them dudes from NXT?
  5. Punk has a slightly torn meniscus, he had it operated on Tuesday and is recovering nicely. No risk of missing the rumble but no TLC for him. They are working it into story.

    The Shield are the three guys from NXT yeah.
  6. Glad its nothing too serious. I hate when any wrestler gets hurt. I felt so bad for Edge when he had to retire because of his neck.
  7. Ambrose :yay:
  8. Is that one of the shield dudes?

    :smug: <---blonde lol
  9. The GOAT Shield dude.
  10. I heard that name before. I will have to read up on him. Is he a good wrestler? Are his mic skills good?
  11. :haha:

    Very good wrestler, possibly the best mic skills :idontcare: <-- That's him --> :nope:
  12. Ohhhhhhh! Yeah I did watch some stuff on him. He does seem very good.
  13. :awyeah: just wait....
  14. Well from what I've read and heard Ambrose sounds like he's going to be a top dog in a year (or less)
  15. Ambrose and Daniel Bryan > WWE
  16. ^ I don't know about Ambrose yet since I've missed Raw but, I agree about D-Bry . :yes:
  17. Bryan steals the show every week. Nuff said

    Watch this promo from him (and other members from the shield, but mainly Ambrose).
  19. Hell no! Brad Maddox will be top dog of all the years to come! He's sexiest wrestler ever and has charisma that apparently outshines any talent, skills, and overall awesomeness Ambrose has.

  20. Roman is like the jock at your school, pretty tough and cool. Seth is the asian kid that knows martial arts and whoops anybodys ass that messes with you and has good sayings, then there's Ambrose. Ambrose is the dude that shows up with the convertible down with sunglasses. He's so smooth with the ladies he's like butter and he isn't the cool cat you should fuck with unless you want him to make you a brother.
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