Spoiler HQ D'Z Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 14, 2014.

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  1. So I was flipping channels and was like damn wonder what is going on in the last 5 minutes of Raw.

    I turn on USA and see 10 seconds of Orton holding Cena in a headlock.

    I turn USA off.

    fuck those 2. discuss
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  2. Randy Orton is the worst human being I've ever seen on my television.
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  3. R I P Tony Gwynn
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  4. wow try to stay on topic retard
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  5. Randy Orton should punt himself in the head
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  6. so I'm dicking around the forum as a distraction from a big worry going through my mind

    sees an hq d'z thread. last time that happened there was that glorious Emma gif, so have to read

    see cena and orton main eventing in 2014.

    wweforums.net: making you not want to watch raw any more since 2011.

    also apparently this happened
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  7. Flaming.

    Cena is boring. Orton is really boring. Lad.
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  8. D'Z really d***ed out when he didn't dance.
    It really doesn't matter when he left the ring with the two broads.

  9. According to this video (about 4 minutes in), Randy Orton should be a gym teacher in St. Louis.
    Unless you call running away from the call of military service of poor taste.
  10. Watching Randy Orton gave me STD's.
  11. Randy Orton is what you watch when you want to have the worst possible death ever.
  12. hahahahhahahahaha what a fucking god. someone post the vid for me, what happened?

    DZ for president.
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  13. Thank you, Bob Orton.
  14. I turned it off when AJ came out. I went to give it another chance and I seen Flair so I waited, but I ended up turning it off again when he put over Cena.
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  15. Best part of the night was hearing Sting's old theme.:happy:
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  16. What happened with Sting?
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  17. If you order 2k15 now, you can use Sting as a playable character
  18. Trailer aired that showed Sting as a preorder bonus for WWE 2K15.
  19. They had a vignette/trailer that was boss as f***

  20. There was big pop when the violinists turned around.
    Ziggler vs Fandango, Summer and Layal started dancing on the announcers desk and Ziggler won with the distraction afterwards Layla and Rae went with Ziggler to the back.
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