WrestleMania Huge Ladder Match Rumored To Be Added

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  1. So I read that there is a huge ladder match that may be added to the card either involved the IC title or the US title. It is said to be a 6-man ladder match. I can see two people being thrown into this if it is the IC title... Ziggler and Miz, which would solve the riddle as to why they have a sudden feud going. They can tie Ziggler into KO. Thoughts on this?
  2. I want AJ vs KO for the IC title, so yeah, give us the US title Ladder match. Please and thank you.
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  3. Sami is rumored to face Owens so yeah... I expect Y2AJ to continue.
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  4. KO vs Zayn is also cool by me. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. There has to be a ladder match at Mania this year. They need everything to spice the show up this year. They need to choose carefully though as to who the participants are though. It needs to be wrestlers that the ladder match would suit and wrestlers that are creative enough to invent something fans haven't seen before. It is Mania after all!
  6. If they are going to indeed do a ladder match, I could see them doing it with the U.S. title only because of the variety of options then available for some amazing spots. Aside from Kallisto (and who could forget what he did at TLC), they could add guys like Neville or Stardust in the mix, guys who we all know can fly...

    Another possibility,I guess, could have been the Tag Team belts, if they were to do a multi-tag team contest, though as of now WWE appears to be quite serious with Y2AJ...
  7. I think it would be badass to put both the US and IC title on the line in a ladder match.
  8. Have Owens vs AJ or zayn for the IC title. Have the US title be on the line in a ladder match, since they did it the opposite way last year: they had the IC title ladder match and the cena vs rusev for the Us title.

    The ladder match should have the following stars: kalisto, Ziggler, AJ or zayn, ryback, Neville, and Samoa Joe. If not Joe, then let a retuning randy orton (if he can) come and compete in this match.
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  9. Think it'll be for the IC title,honestly. They can introduce Zayn in the midst of the 'chaotic' build up. Ziggler, Miz, AJ, Y2J, Owens, and Zayn isn't bad. Zayn vs Owens in a 1v1 won't happen, not yet. Shouldn't double book him back to back. A match with Shinsuke, and a 10-15 match with Owens is just asking for him to reinjure his arm. At least with a ladder match he doesn't need to be the entire focus.
  10. If zayn is even possibly going to reinjure his arm that easily in a normal match, then he shouldn't be back at all.
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