News Huge Ladder Match Set for "Hardcore Justice" Next Week

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  1. For 20 points in the BFG Series:

  2. Sounds like it could be a very fun/good match, 4 of TNA's top talent. Can't wait.
  3. I know Hardy has a lot to win in this match, but I think AJ or AA will win if I'm honest. Maybe they want Hardy to be the #1 in the leaderboard and then he'll lose the BFG series
  4. I'm going for Styles because I honestly think he's going to win the BFG series, since he it pinned in the #1 contender's match at Turning Point 2011 and wasn't able to get a title shot till this year's Bound For Glory PPV.
  5. Yeah, that's the most predictable bet if I'm honest, but maybe TNA thinks about it better and they don't do it like that...
  6. Pulling for Aries here :yes:
  7. Pulling for Francois to win this thing, but I'd be satisified with either Aries or AJ winnin this.

    Basically, anyone but Hardy to win this, please.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. As I said, no one gives a fuck for Hardy in this year's series, but I thought they can give Hardy the win and then Hardy will lose the series to Styles or Aires. That'd be something outta nowhere and everyone may enjoy it.
  10. Potential MOTYC. I really hope they don't ruin it by having Hardy win, although I have a really bad feeling that they will.
  11. 3 top talents + Hardy
  12. Well... yeah...
  13. Hardy is a top talent for TNA lmao.
  14. Not even remotely close. He is one of the top stars, but there is a big difference between being popular and being talented. Hardy isn't even in the same galaxy as the other 3 men in this ladder match, and you can add at least 10 more names over Hardy as far as TNA talent goes.
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  15. Hardcore justice is only 10 min from where I live. Tempted to buy tickets, but I regretted paying money for TNA last time.

    Should be a good match though.

  16. I wouldn't drive 10 minutes to see Bully/Sabin in a cage match if I had free tickets.
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  17. Replace Hardy with Roode or Daniels or just anyone but Hardy.

  18. Here, I took the liberty to go ahead and make the list

    1.) Aries
    2.) Styles
    3.) Roode
    4.) Daniels
    5.) Joe
    6.) Kaz
    7.) Angle
    8.) King
    9.) Sabin
    10.) Magnus

    Even Joseph Park, Bully, Storm, ect are more talented than Hardy. But for me, I don't consider doing incredibly stupid things as a talent. If you think doing flips off of ladders is talent, then your list might look a tad bit different.
  19. This sounds freakin' awesome, although take out Hardy and put someone like Daniels in there.
  20. Points-wise this is going to be a hardy win. The match will still be good/great.
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