Survivor Series Huge Name Scheduled to Make WWE TV Debut at Survivor Series

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Nov 22, 2014.

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  1. Tshirt wearing makeup sharing Stinger everything.
  2. Making a debut on the same PPV The Undertaker debuted.
    Sting Vs. The Undertaker confirmed.
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  3. Erick Rowan should be an unnanounced scratch and Sting should take the last spot.
  4. Don't think it's taking place, must most importantly can't say I care for Sting much at this point.
  5. If The Authority wins, maybe Sting will appear and clear them all out of the ring with a bat like he used to do to the NWO back in the day. That'd be epic.
  6. He'd get a heart attack running to the ring. What would be best is for him to become the GM after Survivor Series.

    He's 55 years old, just let him retire from in-ring competition.
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  7. Sting can still go, despite his age. Heck, a year ago he put on a great match with Bully Ray at BFG 2013. Sting will get me more invested in RAW if he eventually shows up for a while, I guess. At least until WM31 season begins/D-Bry returns.
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  8. Sting would be alright for a match here or there, the guy is in great shape for his age.. I do agree he should be the next RAW GM.
  9. Aw you beat me to it! Just saw this.

    Interested to see how Sting will be used, if he shows at all. I wonder if they will get more people signing up for the free show if word gets out.
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  10. I figured if they were giving it away for free there must be something huge that's going to go down. Like a drug dealer giving out that first try for free to get you hooked.
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  11. You would choose Show over Rowan? :dafuq:
  12. Bernard Hopkins is 50 and one of the top P4P fighters in boxing.

    50 =/= 90

    Kane is 46
    Angle is 44
    Jericho, HHH, Christopher Daniels are in their 40s and can still put on great matches.

    Sting isn't a world beater at this point, but he can still provide WWE with something, even in the ring, so long as he works on his physique a bit and loses the t shirt.
  13. There's still a big difference between 46 and 55. Sting could have one last match, but I'm sure that his condition right now is probably a lot better than when he had his last match with EC3 since he's signed with the WWE for a while now and he still hasn't done anything other than the WWE 2K15 thing. WWE probably made Sting work on his physique and all that, for an upcoming match. I'm just not that pumped to see a 55-year old in the ring, it doesn't matter what his legacy is. He should just retire, honestly.
  14. Who are you to say Sting should "just retire"? He still gets paid to do what he loves and what he has done his entire life. I sure as hell wouldn't be retiring if I were him.

    He isn't going to change the landscape of WWE, but if he has a couple of matches I would still be down. Hell, just the entrance alone would have my pants fitting a little tighter. Nostalgia is a cool part of wrestling, and many fans who grew up watching Sting in the 90s would enjoy the stroll down memory lane.
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  15. I get that he gets paid to do what he loves, but his glory days are way past him, and he certainly isn't in the best shape to wrestle anymore. He might love to wrestle and wants to wrestle, but so does Hogan and it doesn't happen because of his age and health. There's a time where some people are just too old to keep on wrestling and, in my honest opinion, Sting has surpassed that. Wrestling isn't like an office job.

    The entrance would be pretty amazing to see. i'd certainly piss my jorts.
  16. damn, I knew I shouldn't of clicked on this link, but now I can't wait to see the look on my brother's face
  17. He may debut against Fandango on the pre-show, since Fandango's opponent is yet TBD. lol

    If he debuts on the show and maybe gets involved in Team Cena vs Team Authority, cool, if he doesn't debut at SS, then it's also cool.
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