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  2. First off. It's a Bleacher article, never take what a bleacher article says for face value.

    The source article says it all depends on if Austin can be medically cleared and if Austin wants to.
  3. That'd be cool, but as of last week I am not going to trust any dirtsheet, especially this one.
  4. No. The source is Meltzer...

    Anyway. This would be horrible. Vince is the heel in this feud so far, so would Austin be as well? People wouldn't want HHH winning.
  5. Bad move if it were true. Triple H needs to come out the victor in this storyline and if he had to face Austin at Mania then he would probably lose.
  6. Except if the match would end in a no contest or something like that. At the end Austin would betray McMahon and stun the shit outta him, it'd be cool.
  7. What makes it hard for you all to believe that HHH will have absolutely no problem burying Austin???
  8. HHH doesn't make all the decisions. He doesn't have pull over Austin nor Vince, Steve may not want to job on his return and Vince may want him to lose. There's more to it than HHH's ego. Plus, HHH/Austin would be a huge waste of SCSA.
  9. I actually have so many problems with this scenario:

    1- It will rob us of the dream Punk/Austin feud..
    2- It's obvious that HHH is a face now and Vince s a heel, so Austin in Vince's corner means that he will be a heel too, and I just can't imagine how terrible it would be to have Face HHH VS Heel SCSA at WMXXX.
    3- We all know that HHH is winning at Mania to take control of the company, and the last thing I want to see is that ego maniac going over Austin..
    4- I just don't see people booing Austin against HHH, nor I see them cheering HHH against Austin.
  10. Austin has moved on with his life proof has been obvious from him not showing up for Raw 100th or Raw 20th anniversary. This idea wont happen
  11. That's true. If Austin comes back to face HHH at least I'd love to see Austin winning. Well, it could be an interesting match and Vince could keep in charge at least one more year.
  12. What happened last week?..
  13. Yeah, he hates him in kadefade!
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  14. Whats a kadefade?

    Anyway, Not even news, Been posted before and means nothing really.
  15. :facepalm:

    The most popular superstar of all time finally returns to do battle with someone, and that someone is Triple H?

    Somehow, I don't see Austin agreeing to this. He's been extremely picky about what he would come back for (he's said in interviews that only a match with CM Punk or Brock Lesnar would interest him as far as the current roster goes) and I don't see Austin laying down for Triple H. And defeating Triple H would destroy the entire point of the angle, which I thought was supposed to be about Triple H taking over from Vince.
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  16. Unless the angle is about a heel HHH regime controlling RAW?
  17. if only this was true.
  18. I posted a report from a dirtsheet about Batista being in talks with HHH for a return, and then Batista tweeted saying nothing happened and they were just rumors.

  19. That doesn't automatically mean anything. Guys have denied that they were in talks before just to keep the surprise element of their return.

    Not that I believe that to definitely be the case there, but it's not improbable that they'd want to keep it a secret just because they don't want a big return like Batista getting leaked out. (I don't care for a Batista return anyway. I'd take it, but I can live without it, too.)
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