Huge news: WWE Forums will merge with WatchWrestling.

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  1. A lot of you may already know about our sisterhood with WatchWrestling. The site is owned by one of our Administrators @Big Hoss Rambler, and it's now one of the largest sites to access wrestling-related videos and content. It's a site that a lot of wrestling fans use, and I'm sure there are a lot of users here who use it too. I was talking to Hoss today and both of us liked the idea of merging the two sites. WatchWrestling needed a platform for its users to discuss the content they were watching, and we needed a big foundation to push us further as the #1 wrestling forum around.

    We have done very well on our own in just 2 and a bit years and we're probably the fastest growing wrestling forum for a long time now. None of our competition were at the stage we're at now in this short time, but this "success" came by taking risks. Risks is something I am not scared of taking and I don't even see this as a risk, because the rewards we're hoping for are pretty much guaranteed. WatchWrestling gets a LOT of traffic, traffic which has been directed here in the past and something we can easily handle. Wordpress (blogging software) sometimes can't handle such large numbers, so on PPV days you can expect a booming site with lots of visitors/members because Xenforo handles it much better.

    WWE Forums is going to merge with Watch Wrestling. The reasons I want to do this are pretty simple: site growth, bigger community, bigger challenge, bigger competitor in the wrestling scene, and I firmly believe we can create a website in WatchWrestling that can become the #1 place to watch AND discuss wrestling. It's a project I'm passionate about and we have the best team to do it. We have fantastic Administrators here willing to put in the effort to make this work and staff members who are more than capable of dealing with the load. We have not been bought out at all. I still own this forum.

    How will this change your WWEF experience? Not much, really. We are going to be redirecting everything so you won't get lost or left behind. We will be changing our domain, but we'll be leaving a redirect here taking you to the new one. That might disappoint a few of you but it's definitely necessary. The design might change, and this will perhaps be the biggest change because aesthetics are entirely subjective, so some of you will most likely love it, and some of you may dislike it, but there will be options that I hope can appease you all (like keeping our theme now as an alternative). The other notable change is going to be new faces. There might be a lot more new faces but it'll always be this community that is the base of it all, and I'm sure the new faces aren't nearly going to be as vast as most of you probably think.

    As of right now, I'm not entirely sure when exactly we're going to do this, but it's going to be before Wrestlemania. I want to get this done as soon as possible but there are complications with my real life which currently limits my internet access, so it'll need to be done on a day where we're all online and ready to do it, but expect it soon. I expect many of you to love this, and I equally expect people not to like this, but this thread is here to keep you guys informed and to answer any questions you may have. Before you reply, please remember that a lot is going to remain the same. Our administrative team is going to be the exact same so we have hosting issues, bugs, and others all covered. We'll still have the same sections, groups, legend membership, and all of that -- the forum itself is going to remain the same. The only changes to the FORUM are a new design, new domain, a lot more traffic, and a much brighter future. Websites is something I pride myself in knowing a bit about, and so does the team we have here. @Solidus is going to remain as the server administrator (and all around administrator), so don't worry about the new server we'll be moving to, downtime isn't something we should expect to have. Solidus, @Coon and @Xanth are my besties, so we'll have bugs that may arrive fixed in no time.

    I understand many of you will be confused, so I'll be staying online for an hour or so to answer the questions or feedback you have before I have to head off. All staff members are already informed about this so they can help you also once my internet access is limited. The move itself shouldn't take too long once we do it; you'll be informed when it happens. I advise you to follow me on Twitter for updates during the move as I like to keep people informed that way (shameless plug, it's in my sig).

    Long live WWE Forums; onto the future.
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  2. First.

    Edit: Should probably global announcement.
  3. Cool.
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  4. I really hope everyone sits there after reading this and just says, "cool".
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  5. A global announcement deserves a special reply.
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  6. Nothing really changes except I only need to go to one site for watching wrestling and talking about it. So cool.
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  7. I am excited. A lot more people to meet. I myself also put money into the forum, so I would love to see were it goes.
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  8. Did you unban niggaswag yet?
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  9. Looking forward to it.
  10. Will the new move be easy to go around, such as will groups be the same as they are now when you guys do decide to move. That's my only question other then that it sounds like a really exciting thing.

    You go for it, Crayo! I have nothing against it.
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  11. What is WatchWrestling and why are we merging with them?
  12. According to our sources, the move will take approximately an hour to do. We'll update you more with this breaking news.
  13. 1 question what if wwe decide to be cheeky ****s and try to close the site down especially with the release of the wwe network would that effect the forum in a any way if they merge

    other than that it sounds great hopefully it ain't as laggy as the wwe network lol
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  14. Biggest wrestling streaming site on the web and it's to increase our userbase and popularity.
  15. Not sure if I'm allowed to say why in public, but I'll just leave it at that they can't.
  16. As long as that gay header is changed I'll be good.
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  17. It's gonna be changed with nudes of your sister
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  18. Fine with me. I just was thinking to myself "But I have a habit of just typing in wwe and BAM here I am." You say a redirect? No issue here then, and it should only take a few weeks to get the new URL embedded into my daily routine.

    My one question is, will our posts be reset? I'd love the new members to know who has been dedicating the most time here.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. That is one of the questions I had as well. Will our Profiles come along with the new website?
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