News Huge Return for NYC Tapings

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  1. :eww: why?
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  2. TNA doesn't deserve the Iconic Champion on their show, but alright.
  3. Fuck that.
  4. lol god bless TNA
  5. Oh fuck. Not this guy. I saw the title and thought, "Oh shit! Sting, AJ Styles!? PLEAAAASE!" and left disappointed. Fuck that :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. Fatt Inbred

    I can't stand Matt Hardy as a singles wrestler, but Hardy Boys reunion though? Sign me up for that.

    NYC tapings are already loaded: Great Muta + Low Ki + Hardy Boys + Destination X
  7. Alright, he better be in a tag team with his brother then... he would be no use to the Singles divisions, but Hardy Boyz vs The Wolvcs? YES! YES! YES!
  8. I'm up for this as long as it is about the tag team - Hardy Boyz
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  9. Matt has been dope in ROH from the bits I've seen for a one off appearance I see no harm.
  10. TNA is doing big work to promote and sell NYC tapings:

    June 25th - The Great Muta to appear
    June 26th - Destination X
    June 27th - Hardy Boyz reunite

    Plus, TNA is teasing some another big announcement for NYC tapings, at 2pm est.