WrestleMania Huge spot planned for the Show/Lesnar match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WarMachine, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. From reading this, the only thing I can think of is the F5 being off the top rope or something. But I don't know if that would end the match. It's possible, but I'm expecting this match to end by Kimura break since I heard Big Show might need surgery to repair a torn labrum
  2. Can we get an massive F5 off the top rope followed by the second Big Show/Brock Lesnar ring breaking spot... followed by the first ever Broken Ring Royal Rumble? :russo:
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  3. *gets in the ring*
    *trips on the rope*
    *falls out of the ring*

  4. Holy cow! He's holding up his legs like a dead bug and just kinda planting them on the ring! Daniel Bryan avoided elimination! What a manuever!
  5. *crowd chants :yes: and IWC are happy*
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  6. F5 from a ladder in the ring to the mat, is my guess.
  7. Sounds a bit difficult to pull off IMO the swing motion on the ladder probably wouldn't work unless they're near the top which would be sick. Even then I just don't see that happening, I'm expecting a regular F5 and plans were subject to change. Maybe a similar death valley driver he did to HHH onto the announce table that time at most. A smooth set up could be Showing going for a second rope cross body and being caught and thrown up no idea if even super Brawk could pull that off though.
  8. Top of the ladder. They'd have some super-ladder gimmick like they do for Big Show in the MITB matches.
  9. Still sounds unnecessary IMO balancing on top of that fucker with a 500lb pack of lard on your back? It'd make a great visual but I don't get the mechanics of how it'd work.
  10. They're really doing a Big Show/Lesnar match? Ugh, sounds bad to see Show being put in important matches like this. Well, at least he's going to be destroyed.
  11. They should have (if they really want this match) done Lesnar vs Show and Henry if they really want to build Lesnar back up..
  12. Brock should stack em for a double f5.
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  13. what do you mean build Lesnar back up?
  14. "One of WWE’s goals during the early part of WrestleMania XXX season is to re-build Brock Lesnar as a destroyer because his win-loss record since returning to WWE doesn’t do him any favors. Officials want him very strong for The Undertaker at WrestleMania, if they stick to that plan."
  15. Not like Lesnar ever lacks credibitlity, plus he is coming off of a win in his last match lol.
  16. People overestimate the importance of wins and losses. People said Trips buried Brock on here.
  17. Lesnar has won his last two matches, against Punk and Hunter, so it's still an unnecessary waste of his dates IMO. "Breaking" Henry's arm looks badass anyway.

    I think it'll be an F5 onto the announce table, before Lesnar rolls Show into the ring and does the Kimura.
  18. Brock just never recovered from the Cena burial.

    really if anyone buried him it was Overeem
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  19. Cain squashed him Allistair just added insult to injury.
  20. He didn't bury him, but he did do his utmost to make himself look superior to him, even if it is just a fake sport.

    As for the F-5 spot, I can't see it being off a ladder. Pulling off an F-5 on a ladder is pretty tricky (and slightly more dangerous than your normal spot off the ladder considering Show's size) because it requires you to spin the opponent around when dropping unlike if Cena were to do an AA off the ladder, where all he has to do is throw them off his shoulders. It'll probably just be one through a table or maybe off the top rope (although a top rope F-5 presents similar problems to doing one off a ladder, just not at the same height.)
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