HUGE Superstar to return to RAW tonight 04/01/13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. :jeritroll:
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  2. Sin Cara's not huge. He's probably just wild card
  3. You troll. Huge? He's like 5'8
  4. I meant Huge in popularity and talent :pity:

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  5. Oh....
  6. Cara returns. Botches, somehow tares Kevin Nash's quad from out of nowhere.
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  7. Whilst drinking wine during a shoot interview :lol1:
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  8. I'm not that big of a fan of Sin Cara. But he did have the awesome feud with Daniel Bryan. And the feud with Sin Cara negro(Hunico). And the partnership with Rey.
  9. Huge???? I'd mark more for a Mason Ryan comeback.
  10. The jeritroll smiley didn't give away that the I made a "troll-y" thread title.
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  11. Missed that an just saw the title and then the link.

    Damn u Senhor. Lol.
  12. :happy:
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  13. Sin Cara a huge superstar? He's a overrated superstar imo

    Who cares.
  15. Assume he'll be used as job fodder for Swagger or Mark Henry.
  16. So there still a change at Rey vs. Cara at WM29!? :yes: :yes: :yes: !
  17. Mysterio is going to beat him
  18. HUGE SUPERSTAR they said


    Yeah with 6 days to build it :dawg:
  19. :pity:
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