News Huge Update On Sting's WWE Return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 16, 2015.

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    So, with rumors of Taker returning as soon as next week (on RAW), they might end up doing Sting vs Taker at SummerSlam.
  2. As long as they leave the fans happy and nothing gruesome happens, I will be excited.
  3. I doubt this will
    Happen, but if we get sting vs taker at summerslam that would be fucking cool.
  4. I can't imagine that being a good match in 2015.
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  5. The match might be 10+ years too late, but the audience loves both cats, so... It'll be a nice draw if it happens.
  6. I think it would be good at least. I really didn't think triple h and sting would be that good but look at how it turned out.
  7. Undertaker vs Sting at Summerslam would be fine I guess, if that's what they go with. Both of them have expressed an interest in working with one another but McMahon is reportedly down on the idea of the match happening at Wrestlemania, so it makes sense to book it for Summerslam instead (I think Survivor Series would have been ideal too, since now it can be said that both Undertaker and Sting officially made their debut there and it's be cool to see Taker work Survivor Series one last time before he hangs them up, but I digress.)

    I still won't care much for it, but the spectacle of it will at least prevent from being boring... Assuming Undertaker is who Sting is even facing, of course.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Taker vs Bray and Sting vs Who gives a shit.
  9. gold jacket, green jacket....who gives a shit.
  10. I love Happy Gilmore, too. :dealwithit:
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  11. Meh. He's already jobbed to HHH his first match in, that's all I wanted to see.
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  12. Wait, didn't I call Sting vs Taker and got shat on for it weeks ago?
  13. Well, if one or both show up at Battleground, if neither interfere with the main match I am OK with them facing each other at SS.
  14. No, not from me anyway.

    I do recall shitting on you for thinking that Undertaker vs Wyatt could happen again at Summerslam, though. :4/10:
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