Huge Wrestlemania 29 match for Sheamus

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Wouldn't mind it as long as Sheamus f*cking doesn't get lazy. :bury:
  2. Wouldn't mind it? Are you serious? FUCK THAT.
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  3. I wanna see Sheamus suffer, plus if they are going to offer Brock another deal, why not?
  5. No just no. Sheamus is lazy, not good on the mic, and has bad stamina. I don't care how deep he rides Triple H's dick, only a stupid person would agree to this. Use Brock for unlazy talent please.
  6. Sheamus has been chosen to be the next big star so I can see this happening.
  7. But he's 34 or 35. :upset:
  8. Screems boring.
  9. Major yawn. Taker/Brock is a more interesting match for Lesnar.
  10. I'm with Crayo fuck this would rather watch HHH and Taker again!
  12. Sheamus: You retired my boyfriend fella. Now how am I suppose to remain undefeated for another twenty years like me and Triple Atche planned. :bury:
  13. I don't really want to watch that.
  14. Ehn, everyone has different opinions.
  15. LOL CM Punk just different opinions, a lot of us dislike Sheamus on here but that's what's great bout posting a thread. We chat and waffle and learn more by listening to each other!
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  16. Doesn't GET lazy? Do you watch WWE? Keep it to the Bork/HHH rematch, please and thank you.
  18. I still wanna know why Cena stomped Lesnar, but HHH couldn't. Does this mean Cena is better than HHH? That whole scenario bothers me...
    As for WM29, no I don't wanna see Sheamus and Brock... nor do I want to see 'Taker/Brock unless 'Taker goes out by handing Lesnar an embarrassing loss. How about Rock/Brock for the WWE title. No matter who wins, a feud ensues and keeps both wrestlers around for a while, knocking Cena and Punk down a notch.
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