Hulk Hogan Addresses Potential In-Ring Return

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  1. Hulk Hogan recently spoke with the Las Vegas Sun shortly after the IMPACT press conference to announce the June 29th tapings at the Orleans Arena.

    When asked how it feels to work a non-wrestling role on the show, Hogan responded:

    "It’s the way it should be. I’ll be 60 years old in a couple of months. The main problem is my knee. I keep cutting on it, and I can’t seem to get it right.

    "There are all these nice fans who say, 'We want to see you have one last match.' But when I look at myself in the ring at 60 years old, the loyal fans don’t care if I throw a punch or a leg drop.

    "I had my day, and as much as a great compliment and how kind those words are, truth is, I shouldn’t be in there unless, for some reason, it’s to make the company better or help some young guy reach the next level. For me to get into the ring and wrestle doesn’t make sense for anybody. Until I can get physically straightened out, I couldn’t do it anyway."
  2. At least Hogan is showing some sense. BUT, this is providing he isn't just saying this as an attempted curveball to trick everyone.

    Who are these people telling Hogan to wrestle again??
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  3. Glad to see he's making sense.. but didn't he have his "last" match a few times already?
  4. I don't trust anything he says sadly, his past indicates he'll believe getting back into the ring is good for the company.
  5. Too bad he'll never get the proper send off in WWE that he deserved.

    The treatment that Ric Flair got in 2008 is the kind of treatment Hogan should have got on the way out but its too late now.
  6. Casual turds who have no real passion for pro wrestling, and are self-obssesed. Nobody with a common sense and knowledge should want to see a 60 year old guy who had 10 back surgeries and a knee replacement "wrestle" again.
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  7. Well, I really hope he's being sincere here.
  8. Drats I really wanted to see him get another world title run
  9. Daniels should've beaten Hardy for the strap back in January when they realized Hardy can't go overseas.

    We could've had Hardy vs. Bully vs. Daniels(C) @ Lockdown then, and Bully could still turn.
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