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  1. Do you think theres a chance that hulk hogan might make a few one of appearence in the WWE in a few years too come if he leaves TNA? last time we saw Hulk Hogan in the WWE

    Like Kurt Angle he did leave the company on bad terms so maybe not :emoji_slight_frown:

    it would be cool too see erich bishoff come back too WWE also.
  2. Hogan will go were ever he'll get the spotlight it seems so he'll be back at some point.
  3. He sort of did return when he signed a contract with WWE (whilst leading TNA) to feature and be on the cover of that WWE legends game or w.e it was. Money talks with Hogan.
  4. Wasn't that game developed before he signed with TNA?
  5. No. It was only out last year or something.
  6. I think he would happily turn up for a pay check, If it was right for business then I'm sure Vince would allow him to come back, the thing is I can't think of anything he could do currently in WWE. He can't wrestle, can't take bumps and couldn't even be a referee because his body is so beat up.
  7. Phil what about hulk hogan feuding with cm punk? i could imagine punk mocking hulk hogan A LOT for his lack of intellect and the way he speaks.

    i agree about hulk hogans body being beaten up since h used too be 6'6 but now is only just under 6'4.
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  8. I'd love for Punk to demolish Hogan on the mic, but I don't want to see an old man wrestle like Hulk. He could perhaps be behind a company conspiracy and someone wrestles for him, the poster child, someone like Alberto Del Rio. Then Punk eventually beats up Hogan or something, but I wouldn't want to see too many matches between them.
  9. Not until he has a three way Casket Match against Flair and Sting in TNA. :cool:

    Idk, maybe sometime down the line, but I don't see him in 'E in the near fututre or so. 2015+ (if he's alive by then of course)
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  10. A feud with Punk wouldn't be that great imo. There would be no pay off as I don't think Vince would allow him to wrestle and given Hogan's ego I don't think Punk would be allowed to bury him on the mic. Hogan always has to come off on top in all his feuds: look at the feud with Sting last year, sure Sting won the match but everyone was talking about Hogan turning face. If Punk went off on him on the mic, Hogan would simply walk away and refuse to work with him, this does nothing really for Punk especially given his new PG face direction. A year ago it probably would have been fine but not now.
    I'm not a Hogan hater at all, I have the utmost respect for him and everything he has done for the business and he has provided countless memorable moments, I just don't think he has any more in him.
  11. There is no way he would let ANYONE over, especially Punk, cuz Hogan said in interview once that while he was selling out MSG, Punk was still pooping in his diapers. So.....:pity:
  12. I see him eventually coming back for appearances but not to wrestle. I don't think he'd be allowed to wrestle in WWE anymore. He's long past the point where he would probably have much (if any) positive effect on a PPV buyrate just by getting into the ring again.
  13. Sad fact is you're probably right :upset:
  14. Hogan WILL come back to WWE after TNA goes out of buildness! PIPE BOMB! :pity:
  15. Hogan will be dead then though.
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  16. Still won't stop him going over, imagine being the guy trying to bury his body? He'll keep getting up at 2.
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  17. :lol1:

    You're on a role today, brother.
  18. NO?! B/c TNA will be out of buildness in about a YEAR! And when that have been Hogan will be back in WWE!
  19. TNA is expanding whilst having the backing of a multi million dollar company. They aren't going anywhere especially not in the next year unless Spike drops them. Which they probably won't due to it being one their highest rated shows.
  20. I'll give you Chairmen if they're out of business by this time next year. If they're not, you send me your ECW hat.
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