News Hulk Hogan Comments on Possible Wrestling Return

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  1. Hulk Hogan published a Q&A video on his YouTube channel and commented on a potential return to wrestling with this question to the fans:

    “Now I got a question for you. From this point forward, with Hulk Hogan being in the prime of his career, with Hulk Hogan being the greatest beach bum ever with the greatest beach shop, what do you fans want to see me do with wrestling? Do you want me to stay out of it? Do you want me to get back in it? Do you want me to tear the business apart? I want to hear from you guys. I want to get your replies. What do the fans want Hulk Hogan to do about wrestling from this point forward.”

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  2. How old is he anyways?
  3. I would like for him to eventually play an active role of WWE whether a GM, commissioner or backstage act.
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  4. I want to hear from you guys. I want to get your replies. What do the fans want Hulk Hogan to do about wrestling from this point forward.”

    so what I gathered from this Hulk Hogan quote and what I was able to translate out of it was "if they pay me a lot of money.. maybe". Not sure tho, my Hulkish is a bit rubbish nowadays
  5. I hope you stay far away from the WWE & wrestling in
    general "Crazy Grandpa Terry"

    Perhaps check yourself into a retirement home for old
    racist has-beens who should know that their time is up.
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  6. Would love to see Hogan replace DB as GM on Smackdown. Hogan has great energy and is entertaining.
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  7. I've ALWAYS Enjoyed watching Hulk Hogan in the ring. I dnt care about what all the "News" says about it. He's a legend and I personaly liked his gimmick.
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  8. 64. But I'm guessing his way of getting back into wrestling is to notify us that he was present when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. He would have signed it too, but his back still hurt from lifting Andre the Giant.

    @Jacob Fox
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  9. I thought he was like 80...

    We don't need old racist has-beens on our wrestling shows.

    Forget the past...push the future!
  10. He's doing this to torment me, I know it.

    You know, if I was in charge of the WWE I'd let him come back under the condition he wasn't allowed to ever make up stories about the past anymore. I could bear seeing him if I don't have to hear his ever changing history ever again.
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  11. Or we could just not bring him back at all...
  12. I have to disagree. Nothing in wrestling can quite match up to a Hulk Hogan beat down and his subsequent "Hulking up".

    Except, maybe this.
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  14. I'd agree, but then there's his TNA GM failure. He changed the dynamics of TNA when he arrived. He even created the pathway from X Division to World Champion. It was nice, but his backstage/managerial traits were not up to par. I've read a lot of dirtsheets saying that he made a lot of wrestlers angry during his time as GM.
    Uh, have you forgotten nWo?
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  15. Damn, thanks man. I've never watched TNA at alland this is helpful to know.
  16. In fact, the six sided octagon ring was removed in favor of the traditional 4 sides, in order for TNA to have a better market appeal. Uh. That was stupid, as the six sides is what separates TNA from WWE. Sorry, but it's f*cking true. The "don't fix what ian't broke" adage holds true here.

    TNA just didn't know how to grow their market. They just didn't have the money to put marketing on fire.
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  17. Ever notice how Andre keeps gaining weight every time Hogan tells that story?
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