Hulk Hogan for Video Game or TV or Both?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DangerousDancingDan, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. Hulk Hogan for Video Game or TV or Both?

    Vote on the poll. I want to see. What you guys pick?
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  2. where's the option for not wanting to see him?
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  3. Hologram Hulk Hogan
  4. Porn
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  5. I don't want to see him. I went off him when those prison recording leaked: when he talked about making money off a kids accident, it was really sickening stuff. Then of course the racist recordings... Hulk Hogan is a vile person. I hear his name, I see him: I no longer think of the comic book era goodness, I just see a vile man who is a racist, a liar and not a good dude. Don't want to see him, and I will be ashamed of the WWE if they bring him back.
  6. Meh, I don't want him anywhere. :hhh2:
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  7. I honestly don't care/are bothered. Never was a fan of his.
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  8. Nowhere being honest. He was bad enough behind the scenes at WCW, throw inhis sex tape comments and screw him.
  9. If you isn't okay to fire Hulk Hogan say stuff. In his private moments. Do you never watched WWE before.

    Watch this video:
  10. Bad taste in a few of those but.
    1. The McMahon thing he looks like a dick for using the N word. They seem to emphasise it as him being out of touch/an idiot.
    2. The 8/40+ wrestlers who were minorities. That is probably not to far off the actual % of white Americans (76%). Its an American show mostly with Americans in it.

    Otherwise yeah a lot of those gimmicks were terrible.

  11. I wish I could buy out WWE.
  12. Wtf are you talking about Dan?
  13. Senior Gene must be DELETED from wrestling history forever!
  14. We need more of this in modern WWE.
  15. could you please my grandparents house to the options please?
  16. I...I...I'm not touching this one with a fifty foot pole...
  17. Fuck Hulk Hogan.
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  18. Where's the ASMR option, brother?
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