Hulk Hogan: "It's now or never for TNA"

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  1. In an article/interview with the Daily Star, Hulk Hogan spoke briefly about TNA’s new business strategy in their quest to become a monster in the wrestling business. Below is an excerpt:

    Iconic Hulk Hogan, 59, remains astride the business, despite his advancing years and chaotic personal life. His is a unique perspective. That view is often criticised as self-serving, but rather unfairly so more often than not. Be that as it may, he has lived at the very top and he thinks it’s time for TNA Impact Wrestling to put up or shut up.

    He makes a plea to TNA President Dixie Carter, saying: "It’s either hold ’em or fold ’em. You’re either in the wrestling business or not. Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business, or this is just a hobby? You either make the move or you don’t."

    "You’re at that point now. It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch. The destiny of this company is in her hands. It can stay TNA, a powerful little company, or she can make the decision to move on to greatness."

    Hogan contends the recent move to go on the road away from Orlando and limit the number of major PPVs to four a year is a step in the right direction in terms of restoring pride and prestige to the belts, and it will only help in establishing the stars on television.

    He says: "To limit to four major PPVs will give us a chance to make the wrestlers more important to give the fans a chance to choose who they love. I think it gives you a chance to sink your teeth into the characters and the company."

    Totally agreed. This is it for TNA. Now or never.:neymar2:
  2. Completely agree with Hulk. Though I don't believe that if this fails it's potentially the end for TNA, but I do think this move is a risky move that TNA needed to take at this moment in time. I honestly hope it works because TNA puts so much more effort in pleasing the fans than many other companies do; they really do deserve vast success. TNA being direct competition to WWE is my wet dream and this is the step needed to eventually get to that stage.

    I do bash on Hogan but he does know a lot about the business, and most of his decisions seem to be decisions that us as fans get on board with. Dixie Carter needs all the help she can get, let's be honest.
  3. Yeah, true. They're doing some risky moves, I really hope it pays out.
  4. AW: Hulk Hogan: "It's now or never for TNA"

    He's totally right. Brother...
  5. Just realised how this makes Dixie look like shit, lmao. I wonder what her reaction to this would be.
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