Hulk Hogan merch - get it before it's gone?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. So I was in the store today, yeah - you know the one, and I happened upon a "SummerSlam" display of some WWE figures. I noticed there were Hulk Hogan figures of him in the red and yellow. Just basic $10 ones. Then I remembered how WWE recently yanked all his merch from the website and removed all traces of him or whatever. I almost grabbed one and almost feel I should've now. Just to tuck away in the package for the distant future. I'm a nerd that way I guess. Anyway...

    Would you have picked one up? And furthermore - do you think "WWE Hulk Hogan" merch will become collector's items in the future? I figured a forum of wrestling fan peers would be the best place to have that conversation.

    Bonus Question (open)
    And what happens when Hogan eventually kicks the bucket? Are they seriously not going to toll the ring bell 10 times for Hulk freaking Hogan?

  2. I guess. There's probably not a whole lot of upside for wwe to put hogan's shit for sale if that firing is permanent. They probably don't even want fans to wear them on shows.

    As for the bonus question, I think they will at the very least have a "in memory of Terry Bollea" at the begginning and end of the show, assuming it doesn't happen overnight.
  3. Hulkamania will never die, brother!
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  4. I think they'll bring Hogan back again sometime. I'm sure they'll stop selling his stuff for a while, after they run out maybe. And I catch it impossible they wouldn't do a tribute for Hogan, he's still one of the biggest names in wrestling history.
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