News Hulk Hogan Most Popular Wrestler Ever.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. "· Hulk Hogan has a 96% awareness among a general population in the US This is one of the highest awareness levels of any athlete/celebrity in the US. Michael Jordan (98%); George Forman (96%); Lance Armstrong (96%). For additional context, Kobe has a 91% awareness, Peyton Manning 88%. Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood also have 96% awareness in the US.

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  2. Hulk Hogan is definitely more popular. John Cena should probably be up there.

    Undertaker is pretty damn popular.
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  3. He most likely is I wonder where flair is in this list
  4. I am really happy for the Hulkster. He's had it rough the past couple of years and for this to be a turning point for his career really makes me smile.

    Brother. :hogan:
  5. CLEARLY this survey is incorrect. Zack Ryder is BY FAR the most popular person ALIVE.
  6. I hope he dies in a car wreck.
  7. The thing about surveys like this is their way of sampling includes sooo many flaws, by the sounds of those names it sounds like the sample was more around the 25-49 age group of men. If they were to really ask this question to the Untied States today, you're looking at LeBron James as popular athlete and John Cena as the wrestler.
  8. good luck with that bro
  9. I disagree I thing stone cold become more Popularity then Hogan sadly b/c he career was shorted I think that why he not on list!
  10. I have to agree. Though you can't really deny that he is known by virtually everyone in the US. Hell, even my "Wrestling-Is-Satanic" country knows all about him.
  11. SCSA only really had a 5 year run at the top. Hulk was on top of the business from the mid eighties to late nineties. Not to mention all the movies, TV shows, and commercials he's been in. It's really no surprise he's so well known.
  12. my point elasely! if stone cold was on top longer like Hogan was and his career shortin by neck injurys he I belive would have got over Hogan in Popularity! Stone Cold SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OVER during run at the top!
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