News Hulk Hogan paid late, TNA wrestlers sending feelers to WWE?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 18, 2013.

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  2. They delayed the Hulkster's pay? Can't see that going well at all brother (actually could but yeah) :hogan:
  3. Did the Hulkster slam any giants? I need to know if giants were slammed.
  4. If Prichard's fat ass is fat enough to be considered giant it's a possibility.
  5. Did the Hulkster die? Maybe TNA will release him :hmm:
  6. Probably Hogan putting the feelers out! Dear God.
  7. If Hogan leaves I'll miss his theme, but yeah it'd be good for TNA.
  8. Hulkamania to beat the streak at wrestlemania 30 brother. :hogan:

  9. Only one could dream, right? :russo:
  10. The ghost of Andre will help him beat the deadman.
  11. Hate to say it but why wouldn't any guy in TNA kick the tires of WWE at this point? I've wanted Samoa Joe to jump over for a while, and I know he is boys w/ Punk. Not saying, just saying, I'd love to see Joe make the jump. Hate to make assumptions but it seems pretty obvious that TNA has nothing for him. And that includes the pointless new MEM. Yawn.

    WWE tells Joe he needs to lose some weight, regain motivation, he does so, comes to WWE as an asshole heel to feud with Dolph Ziggler. Hnnnnng
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  12. Joe in WWE would be great. A motivated monster Joe ripping through Smackdown (If this whole McMahon thing leads to a new brand split) and feuding with guys like Dolph, Punk and such.
  13. WWE doesn't really use fat guys anymore. The two most recent fatties hired were Brodus and Tensai; and look at what's become of them. At least Joe has a place in TNA.
  14. What about Bray Wyatt? He's been doing well in WWE at the moment.
  15. So TNA are late paying their employees and now some are getting in contract with WWE to jump shit wow just wow
  16. Just throwing this in here since it kinda fits:

    -According to Meltzer it's costing them $600,000 to do each TV taping. PWInsider is reporting they had 3,200 tickets sold for the last show.
    Unless they were charging $188 per ticket or making a fortune off concessions, they're losing an assload of money.

    But with them losing 1.2 million a month in extra expenses (not sure how much of it's extra, but roll with it), it's hard to blame Hulkster's 30k as a problem. Still no reason to keep him.
    Surely they aren't saving nearly enough by cutting the guys they did.

  17. I sincerely doubt they are making most of their money on live gates or concessions. The bulk would come from the sponsors who air their ads during the program, no?
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    They're talking about how going on the road has lost so much money, so meant "new revenue vs new expenses".

    Your point's valid though. Heard a while back that TNA wasn't pushing their PPV's because the Spike deal got them so much more revenue, so they always treated Impact as more important. Can't find the revenue on their TV deal (not like it's our business anyway) so can't add it on.
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  19. I see what you were saying.
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