Hulk Hogan retweets tweets about possible WWE return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. As has been reporting, Hulk Hogan is still a free agent, and has not signed a deal yet with either TNA or WWE. Hogan has been active on his Twitter account this morning, and has been retweeting messages from his fans who want him to return to the WWE. Below are some of the messages:

    * “@TripleH Bring @HulkHogan back to the WWE. It’s what’s #BestforBusiness.”

    * “If @HulkHogan returns to WWE, that will definitely renew my interest in them again.”

    * “It’s very simple you can’t have a REAL WrestleMania without @HulkHogan. #bringhoganback”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. I'd be fine with that. I'm sure it'd be the best for TNA and WWE wouldn't overuse him as bad as TNA did.
  3. Hogan SUCKS

  4. You suck and your mother sucks. Hulkamania is Forever.

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  5. [​IMG] this guy sucks and "hulkamainia" dead lol and he knows it
  6. I take solace in the magnitude of your wrongness.
  7. "EXTENTIONS?????"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. The dude can do what he wants with his hair. I'm sure he could crush a man's skull with his bare hands. Haters gonna whatever.
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  9. Also, it's spelled "extensions".
  10. Yet he drew 90,000 people at a time where buying tickets was hard as shit. He was the biggest superstar in WWE/F history ever. The guy might of not been the greatest in ring worker, but that doesn't mean he sucks.
  11. Hogan could open a jar of pickels...let alone keep his wife...
  12. every record set by hulk hogaN was shattered by STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN
  13. No. You should really look your shit up before continuing with your jackass posts.
  14. Yep, just what I expected.

    I wouldn't be mad about him coming back for Mania. He made Mania, why not have him there for the 30th anniversary. Just don't have him wrestle.
  15. Yeah dude, Hulk doesn't need to wrestle. He's built this city on Hulkamania. He's done his part. He could definitely bump Heath Slater around a bit. That would be fun. Hulk doesn't even need to move. Just whip the dude into the ropes and hit an AXE BOMBER on him.
  16. hogan may have built the old "wwf" but when he left to WCW...austin came in and ran hogan and WCW into the GROUND
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  17. I'm not clicking your link, princess. To this day, nothing has surpassed the indoor attendance record for WrestleMania 3. Period. There's nothing to dispute.
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