Hulk Hogan Shenanigans

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Bort, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. This is from a from a site called and has just a few facts but doesn't include TNA and there are many many more that you probably already know about.

    And this:
  2. Such a legend but such a cancer to the business.
  3. Why dont some of the older generation realise when its time to move on and stop letting there ego's get in the way.

    It's antics like this that tarnished Hogans legacy for me and why I dont really like him.
  4. And this ladies and gentlemen explains my utter hatred for Hulk "The Faggot" Hogan.
  5. Epic article man. Big props, always fun to read about the history of wrestling and even in the glory days, there were still assholes doing their best to ruin the "sport" we all love.


    This is how I'll always remember Hogan, the New Monday Night Wars. WWE wasn't doing anything great at the time (Think they had the guest hosts then), but TNA was never worse. They built up to a AJ and Flair vs Abyss and Hogan match, they had an Orlando Jordan/Rob Terry feud, and the infamous Knockouts Lockbox Challenge.

    But let me tell you something brother! We have Hulk Motherf'n Hogan! We're the biggest wrestling company on the planet, dude! Whatcha gonna do, WWE, when Hulkamania runs wild on you! And even in 2012, TNA's ratings are floundering. So we need more Hogan, brother! Hogan = Ratings!
  6. I so hope you're being sarcastic rofl.
  7. Wish TNA was being sarcastic when they think "Hogan = Ratings".
    It's been almost 20 years since babyface Hogan's been a draw at all. They realized this themselves when people laughed at them competing with WWE, and then drew a .6 rating. Hulkamania's dead, brother.
  8. That's the Draine I love.

    So true. I think I said this last week but to me it screams desperation making Hogan the climax of the show. Roode/Hardy/Ray and Storm can hold that burden.
  9. Great characted, sad to read all of this.
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