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  1. Hulk Hogan says he’s ready to return to his WWE wrestling family and hopes that Vince McMahon will give him another chance to prove he’s a good guy.

    Hulk and his good friend Ric Flair spoke to TMZ Sports right before their Q&A event at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa – set up by their reps at Prince Marketing Group – and opened up about their friendship and career.

    You can watch the video above to see exactly what the hulkster and nature boy had to say about the situation.
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    I am sure some people want to see him back but I don't. Never was a fan of his. Overrated in my opinion.
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  3. Well...if they're gonna bring him back, have him interrupt Jinder Mahal. Can't say I see much else for the Hulkster to do.
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  6. Teach the plank of wood how to cut a promo?
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  7. You can't teach Wood something only people
    with personality & charisma can do.

    It would be like trying to teach the sun to be cold.
  8. IDK Reigns is scripted. He did alright after the last WM, probem is after eating Taker they did not turn him heel.
  9. Good luck with that.
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  10. I was never a fan of his, but I do recognize his contribution to the industry.

    This whole tape thing doesn't bother me. It's an old case, that really - people need to forget. People change, and I don't think Hogan is like that.