WWE Network Special Hulk Hogan to Host Crown Jewel Do you Want Him Back?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by lissa, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. Hulk is set for he's return at Crown Jewel Do you want to see him back in the WWE?
  2. No.

    I don't want to see old, RACIST, washed up has-beens.
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  3. I don't care what he is or isn't labeled... He has always been boring to me and vastly overrated. Brother.

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  4. Damn! I'm a black dude and I am not that passionate over him not being in it.

    Me personally I got over the whole racist comment thing

    personally 60 % of me don't think he's racist.

    Like Mark Henry I will give him the benefit of the doubt

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  5. So in other words...

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    Its not just about the racial issue...its more that professional
    wrestlers should be held accountable for their actions & the
    wrestling fandom seems to "forgive & forget" way too quickly.

    Plus...Hogan is like what? 102 years old? I don't want to see
    old has-beens in the WWE.

    At least at Evolution all the women they brought back could
    actually move around a wrestling ring. No one looked sad &
    pathetic...in fact some of the women looked better than ever.


    I'll be giving Crazy Grandpa Terry a giant SKIP!!!
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  7. I think what he was saying and thinking stemmed from not wanting his daughter to date black men. A lot of people are this way though no matter what color you are.
    My best friend growing up dated black guys and she was white, she often got singled out and harassed by black girls over it telling her to stick to her own kind.
    I don't view it as a big deal either way... but people shouldn't be hindered to not find someone attractive by their parents simply because they are a different color.
    But what the hell do I know, my children are cats. :cat2:
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  8. And my point would be that too many people make
    an issue about skin color & race these days.

    Seriously...sometimes I think an alien invasion would
    do the world good...that way all the narrow minded,
    xenophobic, gun toting fuck wits of the world would
    have something truly unwanted to focus their anger
    & hatred at.


    Wait...you don't "baby talk" to them do you Snake?
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. You've guys have done it again..... Gave us another awesome post that deserves more than One Rating.

    Truly if he comes back I just hope it's for something useful.

    Not a Past your Prime salad with DX, Brothers of Destruction, and NWO.

    (Sorry Undertaker:emoji_disappointed:)
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  11. Oh God...

    I can just picture those cats clawing at the doors & windows...

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  12. You really can't help who you find attractive either. Like I am honestly not attracted to blond dudes at all. But just because I'm not attracted to blond guys doesn't mean I should tell my daughter she can't be with a blond guy. That is just stupid lol
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. You hear that @Solidus ?

    Don't bleach your hair.

    Ain't that the truth...

    *Bows before his Charlotte Shrine*
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  15. Just hope he doesn't return for the rumored rivalries some sites mentioned


    Return to face The Rock at WrestleMania in the Main Event again

    Also was a rumor for him or Ric Flair to return and beat Seth Rollins for the Title back in 2015
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  17. FUCK YES!

    Hulk Hogan IS Wrestling. The business wouldnt be what it is today without Hulkamania, brother!
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    I agree. Don't do redo WM 18 all over and pull a Rocky Balboa 2006 Storyline.

    Just bring him back for something useful

    If they need any help just listen to John Cena's theme song.

    When he says "your time is up" picture the guys past their primes, and picture the young stallions when he says "My time is now"
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  19. I am fine with the old guys coming back now and then, we don't need them to be a part of everything.
    Most of them can do out of ring stuff, maybe stick some of the guys who were decent on the mic in manager positions.
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  20. Hear Hear!

    Keep them in the games room & let them play scrabble.
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