Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin At Wrestlemania 20

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Now granted, Hogan had knee and/or hip (and back?) problems at the time which would have probably stopped him from wrestling (problems that would still persist a year later, as he couldn't do the leg drop at Wrestlemania 21 or Backlash for a reason) but pretending that isn't an issue - would Wrestlemania 20 not have been the perfect backdrop for the epic Austin/Hogan clash?

    There's a few reasons why this is:

    -Twenty years of Wrestlemania, something Hogan helped make into a spectacle, which started in Madison Square Garden and has now come back there in full circle mode, this time with a main event pitting the two biggest superstars of the Mania era against each other.

    -They would have both been baby faces, which is important. They were both baby faces when they were at their peaks taking the WWF/E to a level it hadn't been before (the Golden Age/Rock 'N Wrestling Era of the 80's with Hogan) or hasn't been to since (the Attitude Era with Austin in the 90's.) So having them stand across the ring from one another why letting the fans cheer both of them as loudly as they could is the ideal scenario for this match setting.

    -Because of the above point, and because both guys were pretty much retired as far as active wrestlers being constantly on the card goes, there would be huge unpredictability as to who would win. I mean, the conclusion of the whole angle would be the match at WM, it wouldn't lead to anything after that. Neither guy thus 'needed' the win. Both guys would go back to being retired afterwards. Thus, it would be anyone's guess as to who would come out victorious. Gut reaction would still say Austin because he's the newer star and Hogan is the older legend but there definitely would be some doubt.

    The only negative argument against it is the crowd. Madison Square Garden might be the world's most famous arena but it also only holds over 20,000 people. A stadium like the Skydome at WM18 where Rock/Hogan happened held over 68,000 for that event and would create the feeling of the match being a much bigger spectacle. Big matches like Hogan/Andre, Hogan/Warrior, Austin/Rock, Hogan/Rock, etc. all happened in front of large ass crowds of that size, so it's odd that the match between the WWE's two biggest stars ever would be in front of a lesser crowd. Of course, it's STILL MSG but still.

    But all in all, because of it being a Wrestlemania and being the 20th anniversary WM and the fact that it was a plausible time to have the match (the match could have happened easily the previous two Wrestlemanias, but other factors got in the way), this would be the perfect time to give people the Austin/Hogan match.
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