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  1. What are your guy's thoughts on Hulk Hogan and his "racist" remarks? I heard this funny commercial about credit scores where his first line is "everybody deserves second chances." Lol.
  2. Hogan deserves a 2nd chance
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  4. He isn't a racist, just has racist thoughts from time to time like everyone. We all naturally hold our own above other races whether we like to admit it or not.
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  5. I definitely agree. I personally thought WWE went to far. Firing him and acting as he never existed. And then when I saw that clip posted above where McMahon himself says "n*gga", I just lost it.

    I read somewhere that WWE might forgive him and bring him back? I doubt it's true though.
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  6. Look at how Titus was treated.. Who is being truly racist here? Someone who said something, or someone who did something?
  7. Hogan didn't say anything that most people haven't said before in some way or another, even if only as a joke. Most people say offensive or politically incorrect shit in private from time to time that they wouldn't want being heard saying in public, whether it's to do with race or some other manner. Hogan was just an unfortunate soul that got caught doing it. And besides, it's Hulk f'n Hogan. The man is a goddamn icon! If anyone should be granted the right to say ***** without repercussions, it's him.

    I definitely expect him back in WWE at some point. Imagine how awesome it would be if his 'Real American' theme went off by surprise at WM32 and he made his return there (to do what, I don't know.) Hulkamania and Wrestlemania are forever linked to one another (much like Hogan and WWE in general), so having him show up at the so-called biggest Mania of all time would be fitting.
  8. So does Chris Benoit :fact:
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  9. This thread is about Hogan, not some random guy nobody cares about anymore.
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  10. You cared enough to dislike and quote my post. Also Benoit was not some Radom guy off the street and thirdly it was a joke like your so high and mighty and never made a joke about something you should not or have been the one to laugh at it then you are a liar. Deal with it
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  11. You know how many people have gotten in trouble the last 5 years over "racist comments" or "jokes"? This crap needs to stop. We are living in some form of hyper-sensitive reality where blacks are protected and can't be racist and ever white man is. I probably will get called a racist for that comment but come on people.
  12. We might as well abolish comedy now as it might offend someone, comedy is about laughing at sometimes dark areas of life, plus my Benoit joke was so mild, how can you get annoyed by that, I could of gone well darker. Political correctness gone mad
  13. Woah! My thread was supposed to be about Hogan not Benoit.
  14. :hogan: Is this hogan enough for ya
  15. Relax, kids. They'll bring back Hogan somewhere down the road.
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  16. No doubt about that. My question is when? I crack up every time I hear that commercial on the radio.

    "And with me here to explain how easy credit karma is, is legendary pro wrestler Hulk Hogan!"

    "That's right brothers! Everybody deserves second chances..."
  17. As much as I dislike Hogan (contrary to my husband Prince Balor, who is the number one Hulkamaniac), I have no doubt the guy is not a racist. He'll undoubtedly be back.

    I honestly think firing him was a bit extreme as well, but whatever. I don't lose sleep with Hogan not being around and he didn't add much to the product during his last run anyway... but he should and will be back
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  18. Oh, you're gonna pay for that one, President of Cenation!