News Hulk Hogan's return is imminent

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  2. Interesting.
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    I read he was backstage at tapings for Main Event and Smackdown a week or two ago as well.

    Looking forward to seeing Hogan back on WWE TV. Still undecided on whether I'd be fine with him teaming with Cena in a match or just never wrestling again period.
  4. Well someone has to induct Warrior. Who better than Hulk?
  5. I would prefer him to keep the wrestling to a minimum. Dude is old and was never a good wrestler in my book. He can put on a show though, which is why people loved him.
  6. I'd be surprised if Hogan inducted Warrior. I know Warrior put aside his beef with Vince but last I saw, he and Hogan still hate one another in real life. It'd make perfect sense, though.
  7. Host Wrestlemania or gtfo. Seriously, if he's involved in any sort of match, mania is ruined. I'd prefer it if he just stayed away.
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  8. It would make for the best induction ever if we have Hogan and Warrior throwing old man gloves at one another :happy:
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    What's wrong with a short, nostalgia tag match that's used to calm the fans down between big main events? Last years WM definitely could've used a "fan-cooler" match considering the crowd practically died after Punk/Taker. And unlike the Tonnes of Funk/Bellas and Sandow fan-cooler match of last year, I'm sure they'll make room for a Hogan one.

    If not that, definitely a short cameo ala WM 21(?). I definitely don't want him to be the host of the show and be everywhere the entire night of WM, because quite frankly I think we've all seen him do that enough on some other show.
  10. I know I posted in here already but for some reason I read this thread as "Hulk Hogan's return is intimate"

    :dawg: Move over Chyna!
  11. He already has a sects tape
  12. Oh dammit! :angry: I forgot about that! :lol1:
  13. HOKE OGAN!!!

    I will mark for his return, hoping he saves someone and goes to manager for a month or two.
  14. Great news!

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  15. No more Hogan as TNA GM :yay:

    EDIT: At least until he's done with WWE.
  16. that happened months ago.
  17. nWo 8.0 managed by Hogan vs Four Horseman 9.0 managed by Flair @WM 31 :happy:
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  18. Oh make it a three way vs DX 6.0 managed by HBK
  19. That is actually looking possible.
  20. I know, but I always thought he may someday return... Now it's imminent that he'll be working for WWE for some time that means I can just have a beer and have fun watching TNA without that thought of Hogan there as GM.
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